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But it’s nowhere that much – because I’m building a community of success minded people ready to empower their purpose and make great money from their passions, mission and vision!

You will get deep healing practices such as Deep EFT (Kai’s way), Deep healing, laser coaching, success tools, client attraction strategies and wisdom teachings – Your life is gauranteed to change if you turn up to do the work consistently! It’s that simple

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I highly recommend the Vibrant Success Club. …

I’ve got a lot more money.

I now have $3000 just chillin’,

which I don’t need to spend on anything.

…I would also say that being in The Vibrant Success Club – there is a community. The Money Circle is online and interactive. Kai is really good at specifically locating the points of pain, looking at them and not trying to change them or fix them [which makes the issue stuck].

She is really good at shining the light on it and literally and physically shining the light into your body, then the blocks gradually dissolve. I’ve got a lot more money. I now have $3000 just chillin’, which I don’t need to spend on anything. It’s funny cos I don’t really know where it’s coming from [it felt so natural] – I’m working a lot more, I am doing awesome things with women that I love and am totally inspired by.

I’m doing graphic design and I’m doing coaching and writing and I’m getting 40,000 views on things I write… And I redid my website and I’m really happy! The biggest thing is that I used to be tortured. It showed up in my life. I would stress about getting paid more but now I am letting it happen and I am getting paid more!

It’s like this faith that I have, whereas before there was panic. It’s an actual bodily reaction. Like, I’ve done so much stuff with my mind, I can see one of the reasons it worked really well, me coming into The Vibrant Success Club because I could see a lot of where I was scared and where I pulled back, but I had no idea what to do with it.

Kai worked really well showing those things love, which I could not do. I just wished it would get out of me! I didn’t want to have a panic attacks at a store check out and I wouldn’t have been able to have this conversation now But I can have these kind of conversations with my bosses and with my clients now and can feel good – so yeah. I highly recommend working with her.

I highly recommend the Vibrant Success Club. I highly recommend the money club…with Kai there is such a joy around money in The EFT Money Circle. There is such a radiance! And now I have money! I have like, a few hundred dollars on my altar, with incense around it… I never knew that I could celebrate it this way.

Louisa J West, San Francisco

I just had this AMAZING EFT Tapping session with Kai-Ashley

and I really have to tell you, you’ve got to try it!

It was The Most Amazing EFT Tapping I’ve ever tried. I mean it!


She really really changed [my issue] within 10 minutes. All my life I’ve had this feeling of inferiority and not being good enough, no matter how hard I try…When it comes to making money and in all areas of my life. The bottom line is, I never had self confidence. That was affecting everything I do.

Kai helped me do tapping – at first I was a little bit suspicious because I also do tapping and it doesn’t always work and sometimes it works great… But Kai’s ways of  tapping is so different. It’s original and unique. She’s got a true talent!

So if you’ve got some problems or issues that’s holding you back – you’ve got to contact her and try her tapping because it’s so powerful. It’s amazing – AMAZING! I’m so grateful that I had this tapping with her – she has really, really changed me – I can’t even describe how great it was. At the end of the tapping I was getting very tearful because old emotions were surfacing. I was releasing sooo much bad energy – so much! I feel so good now and so peaceful – Thank you so much.

Satomi "Alex" Keely

Body Image & Health EFT Practitioner,

if you’re thinking of joining The Vibrant Success Club,

I would definitely, definitely recommend it –

It is changing my life!


I’m Gemma and I’ve been working with Kai for the last couple of months. I’m a private client of hers and I’m also a member of The Vibrant Success Club. I feel like The Club is really aptly named, because I’m feeling A WHOLE LOT MORE VIBRANT! And a whole lot more successful since joining!

The ways in which I feel more vibrant and successful are: I’m attracting all these amazing work opportunities that I just didn’t know even existed before I started doing this work with Kai. And I found this calling with my work, which had been a problem for me for years – and I had been stuck figuring out what I was going to do with my life – or at least my work life.

I was stuck with that for years. Now it feels like it is all shifting into place. I feel more aligned with my true essence and my true purpose. I also operate a few businesses. Doing this work with Kai has helped me to discuss my prices with clients with a lot more ease and a lot more confidence. It’s gotten rid of a lot of awkwardness, limitations and weird feelings around money that I used to have.

So Kai is super amazing. She is really warm and supportive, but she’ll also kick your butt if she needs to, to get you to do the work. Which I think is really important in a coach. It works for me anyway! Since doing the work with Kai, I have started activating a lot of things in my life.

I am focusing more on one of my businesses to generate more income, and it’s really working! I am contacting clients with confidence. I am seeking out leads and sending people emails and quoting prices left right and centre. Before it was hard because I didn’t know to anything – I just didn’t trust myself.

I had all this emotional stuff in the way. But now it is clearing and there is space for opportunities to come into my life, where there wasn’t space before because there were all these beliefs in the way. I am really grateful for the work I have been doing with Kai because it is completely transforming my life.

Not only professionally but also personally. I just don’t care what people think of me and that’s really liberating because that can be seen in my business. And I can reach out to people more easily. And I can make more friends. I just have such a feeling of freedom in my life that I never had before.

So if you’re thinking of joining The Vibrant Success Club, I would definitely, definitely recommend it – it is changing my life!

Gemma Anne White, Sydney Australia

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A Message To:

The Leaders, High Achievers & Big Hearted Champions Of This World:

When will you finally realize how absolutely powerful you really are AND take action upon your vision, dreams and goals to make it happen now??

From Kai Ashley, Transformational Leader Of The High Achievers, Pioneer of The Freedom Revolution, Success Coach, EFT Expert, Deep Healing Master & Ocean Mermaid

Hi Gorgeous,


Aren’t you ready to finally access your true potential and live your life on your own terms without bowing down to social pressure and limiting beliefs that says it has to be long, hard and painful?

The truth is you have an incredible super power right within — right NOW!

And my speciality… my divine gift on this Earth, is to help you access it in a massive way!

I’d love to have a chat with you about how you can use deep healing combined with high achieving goal getting techniques to create absolutely anything you want in your life!

You want to launch yourself as a leader online or up your game and become famous?

Want to overcome fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that secretly hold you back from what you’re REALLY capable of?

How about making more money than ever before and having it be EASY???


It really doesn’t have to be so hard – not at all!


And actually, it can be fun!

The truth is you need an excellent strategy to get to the top

Something that I’ll help you with for sure

But you know what is even MORE important?








WHO you are is the number 1 mitigating factor to your success…


And you know that, don’t you?

You know it’s not luck.

Two people who grow up in the same town, go to the same school and in the same conditions can have a vastly different life.

And did you know that there is a recipe to tap into your natural born super human abilities.

Not as a cliche – but as a real thing!




And I’m going to help you get there full time

So rather than be bogged down in work that drains your soul

Or sabotaging your success every time you go up another level

You thrive.

You prosper

And you feel SO darn good doing it – you will wonder how it took you THIS LONG to finally get there…

Because it is actually quite easy when you know how.

That’s the good news.


Your creating your wealth


And I know you want more than money.

Even though you know money is important and that is a big part of your plan…

For your vision…

Your dream…

Your heart driven desire you feel in every cell of your body…

That’s going to take a lot of money

A lot of support, resources, friends, coaches, assistants and expansion.

In a really good way!


You also DEMAND a fulfilling life of freedom


On your terms

With your open heart leading the way

Your intuition guiding you

And your intelligence seizing the opportunities along the way

For all the beautiful things that make you feel happy and just fucking awesome.


Be honest with yourself…


When are you going to step up your game like the superstar you really are?

The amazing leader you were born to be…?


You have a calling to make the world a better place

You believe in the power of personal development AND you prioritize it over everything else

You know that your growth not only benefits you…

But your loved ones, your family, your clients and yes, it significantly benefits the world

If you don’t believe that and FEEL that in your body right now…

Then stop reading and go away.

Because this is not for you



If you KNOW you are on a fast rise to success


But want support to get there

Because you’re smart enough to know that nobody EVER does it on their own

And if you feel you have this untapped potential

And have even seen how amazing you can be

BUT you are just oh so ready to be living the life you were born to lead already

Then apply to have a complimentary session with me.


I will help you create a personalized plan to get to where you want to go


AND I will help you uncover the hidden blocks that are holding you back –

AND I will help you dissolve and completely OVERCOME one of your major blocks right there on the call

So no matter what – after the call – you will see an amazing and refreshing change in your life

You will blossom like a flower as things suddenly become clearer… easier.. and they’ll just flow.

Unfortunately I can not reply to all applications due to high demand, and not everyone will be accepted. This is ONLY for leaders and entrepreneurs who are fast action takers, decisive thinkers, determined go-givers who lead by example and are voraciously open to learn and grow

I work with high achievers who know that no matter what they will create incredible success but also want to get their quicker and better by finding the right support to help them get there.





During this course I’ve gone from making zero to making two and a half thousand dollars (USD$2500) in just 3 weeks... It’s amazing – Oh my goodness!

Erial Wheeler, Gold Coast, Australia