Is it to get likes and recognition? I know it can feel like it sometimes… Do you show up to get clients and make money?
Maybe… It makes sense – but that’s not the most profitable reason to either.
The truth is we live in such a paradoxical world. So even though yes, on one hand it IS about showing up to ‘get clients’ and make money… On the other hand it really, really isn’t.
If you are operating on the premise that when you post on FB you get more likes than before, or more comments than someone else – you are NOT building a loyal following who loves your work.
They will be like strangers passing you in the night – or luke warm friends at a tea party. Wouldn’t it be better to create a following of die hard fans who feel compelled to show up and share your work on a massive level?
Which on would you prefer?
I’ve been going through this immense hibernation period these last 3 weeks or so… You are probably used to seeing me online every day multiple times a day. I’ve received around a dozen emails from people wondering whats happened..
But I’ve needed time to reflect. On what I want…
On how I can upgrade and uplevel my business…
And how I can best serve my clients and my amazing community.
And I have come to the firm realization…
Or more a confirmation…
That it really is ALL about being in service and making and impact.
Please no longer ask:
How many likes will this get?
How can I change my readers lives in some way?
It is NOT about what YOU get.
It’s not about YOU (and the paradox is that it is completely about who you are)
It’s about how you make people FEEL.
It’s about how you make a difference in THEIR LIVES.
It’s not about feeling good about the people who follow YOU…
It’s about making THEM feel good about who THEY ARE.
It’s not about the easy recognition of an ego driven question – meaning if you ask the right question, everyone will respond and you will get more engagement.
Again the paradox is that that definitely has its place. It is a great tool for engagement, conversation and tilting FB’s algorithm in your favor.
But the bottom line is about making in impact in people’s lives and sending them away feeling and BEING transformed.
Ask yourself this:
Are you helping people make a positive change with every breath you breathe?
and yes that may be an exaggeration…
But also no, its not.
When it comes to your business… To your mission… To Your vision – is your definite aim and purpose to impact people in a supremely positive way?
Or is it about likes, engagement, money and comments?
Now don’t get me wrong – these are great things.
These are necessary and useful. They are wonderful too!
But what if they were actually more of a symptom of the value you give, rather than a goal and an aim in themselves?
Do you know what I mean?
It almost seems counter-intuitive.
But this shift in perception is THE thing that took me from unknown to rising superstar in the personal development industry.
What if you started each day (and went to sleep each night) asking yourself WHAT MESSAGE do your clients, fans and followers need to hear? What will serve THEM most?
What if you your sole directive was all about helping each person have a powerful transformation that significantly changed the direction of their lives… EVEN IF THEY NEVER EVEN PAID YOU A CENT?!
This action… Has a symptom of money.
These thought processes… Are aligned with money,
When your following experience a shift from YOU…
THEY feel compelled to pay you!
This is where the paradox we spoke of before comes in…
You MUST BE the right vibration, energy.. The right leader for people to follow you. You must resonate as someone with positive power… As someone who has something people wants.. So yes it is about you.
But also NO it is not.
It’s about HOW you make them FEEL.
How you inspire them…
The lessons you help them learn….
The person you help them become…
So yes it is about WHO YOU ARE….
HOW you speak,, and WHAT you say….
But only in relation to HOW it makes them FEEL…..
So what can you DO today….
WHO can you BE now…
To help people in the way that you were born to help?
I feel this overwhelming, positive, pulsing feeling in my body that this message needs to be heard…
Because when I was starting out in this industry…
I used to wonder how I could GET clients…
And it was hard…
Now I wonder how I can help people…
I make a lot more sales. Because I KNOW what I am selling. I am not shy to talk about it…
In fact I BELIEVE IN EVERY CELL of my body that this work that flows through me will help all people born to be leaders to make radical change in their lives….
So I give and I give and I give
But unlike the old days, when I felt like I gave too much and got little in return…
I give more than ever before AND make more sales than ever before. Because I am CLEAR on how I can help. So I help.
Ask yourself…
What IS your message that wants to come through you NOW?
What DO your soul clients need to hear right now?
What would it take to change your readers lives in some small or big way TODAY?
Then write from there.
And my suggestion?
Never write another word that does not come from that place again.
There are no rules. There is no word minimum or maximum… It is the intention that counts.. The download… If you ask those questions you WILL get a profound answer…
So act on that.
And let me know if this helps you in some small or big way – I would love to know!
As it is my mission in life to help amazing leaders activate their inner powers, live their purpose and create the lives they love – as we all raise the wealth and LOVE consciousness together!!! 🙂
******* ******* ******* *******
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