Let’s face it… EFT after effects can be make you feel tired after tapping. Or you  might find a lot of crying after EFT tapping. Or you might just feel bad.

This is totally normal…

And can be a GOOD thing. But it can also mean you need MORE tapping not less.

You might be surprised….

This is something I drill into my clients and followers over and over… and over and over!

EFT Tapping is a VERY powerful tool. It’s not just like getting a massage or eating an orange. Not at all.

It goes right to the very core of your emotions, which for most humans on this Earth (like 99.99999% of people so far) – our emotions are pretty screwy.

Not because there is anything wrong with having emotions…. It’s more the opposite.

Did you realize that we have been taught to push our emotions down, not to feel them, not to trust them, not to listen to them?

Have you thought about how we are trained as a child and onward to ignore our feelings, to ridicule ourselves AND others for having feelings and to demonize certain feelings as bad?

Do you know what this led to?

Humans do NOT know how to process emotions. As a result we get traumatized VERY easily.

Trauma is trapped emotion that doesn’t get processed. It then causes problems in your body and leads to things like panic attacks PTSD and fear of rejection… Or any fear to be honest.

Think you’re not traumatised? Think again. You probably are.

As I said it takes very little to traumatize a child.

Even feeling misunderstood and embarrassed, or not receiving the love a child truly needs will traumatize a young person.

What’s even worse?

As a society we have denied these feelings exist.

But look around!!!!!!! The after effects are absolutely everywhere.

OK so… What does this have to do with the EFT after effects that cause crying after EFT Tapping?

I’l tell you right now.

You often feel bad after tapping because you have stirred the emotions up. You’ve likely transformed and released some of them (how much depends on the session, how ready you were and who it was with)….

But you have all this ickiness floating around causing problems.

Let me repeat (and please really listen to this)

This can be a GOOD THING.

Look I get it.

We all things to be nice and neat and to feel good as often as possible. You have a life to lead, you can’t afford the EFT after effects that can make you cry and feel so bad that you call in sick, or can’t get up for the day.

I know!


Healing emotional trauma, which is what EFT Tapping does… Is not a walk in the park.

It is serious work. It is powerful.

But mostly, it is sacred, important, soul affirming, life giving, tremendously helpful work that will change your life for the better.

So no, it’s not going to be neat and easy all the time.

If you are still crying after tapping, it usually means you need MORE TAPPING… A lot more tapping.

You know the saying…?

If you’re going through hell, keep going?

A lot of people seem to think that when they feel crappy after tapping, it means they should back off.

No sweetheart.

This is called a healing reaction.

This is ancient knowledge. Literally!

Ancient Chinese medicine teaches of healing reactions when a medicine is actually working. Your body needs to get that stuff OUT.

And it can be painful.

The good news is you can tap on that. You can help it along with breathing and rest…


Imagine That All Your Issues are Like A Big Tangled Ball Of String

When you start tapping, you rewire your thinking.

This means that synapses and neurons that have been firing together in are no longer in the same place. New ones have formed and some have been dissolved. But think of it like a big tangled ball of string. Or fairy lights, that works too!

Tapping is like snipping this string in a few different places…

It all starts to unravel but it is still a tangled mess. This is why you feel janky, weird, or achy in the days after you tap.


Now Think Of Your Issues As Though They Are Patients Kept Waiting In A Waiting Room

Each of your issues (these patients) has a number. But the service doors has never been open!

This is worse than any slow line you have ever seen – because you have been too busy avoiding your pain and running on your programs so didn’t even realize this service window was there….

The service window is your natural ability to spontaneously heal.

When you tap, you immediately open the service window.

Imagine the first session you dealt with just one customer. The rest see it is opened – finally there is some relief! Hallelujah!

But after the tapping session you go away and get distracted again.

Do you really think these poor customers who have been waiting for 20 or 30 or 50 years are going to risk waiting another few decades?

No they aren’t! So they bang on the service window, forcing you to come out and deal with their complaints.

This analogy explains why you need more tapping not less. In fact, it’s the total best time to do EFT because your issues are at the surface and ready to be dealt with!

One  more analogy that really works…



See your emotions, trauma and issues like it is mud on the bottom of a lake.

This lake hasn’t been stirred up for years. When you go in with EFT Tapping, it’s like driving a speed boat through the lake AND stopping to scoop a whole heap of mud out.

But there is still plenty of mud left. The water that used to SEEM clear is now muddy.

So you have a choice…

You can either feel bad for a few days but back away from the tapping… The mud will settle.

You will feel better within a few days.

BUT you would miss out on a golden opportunity.

What a gift!

When your emotions are stirred up, it means they are easier to heal. You are only feeling stuff that is in there causing havoc all the time.


What To Do Instead

It’s real simple.


Don’t wait, don’t go out with friends, or binge on Netflix or even do your assignment (unless your cramming I guess).

Because until you deal with these issues bubbling up, guess what? They aren’t going anywhere.

Simply tap on what you are feeling. Not what you think you need to say.

Although having a home practice IS essential, it’s always better to work with a gifted practitioner. Freeing up your energy so you can be happier, feel more alive, make better decision and stop living in fear is the most valuable thing in the world!

If you want to take your healing deeper, I am known to give life changing shifts through EFT that last a life time.

Honestly, my tapping is incredibly powerful – much more than most. This is just what hundreds of my clients have directly told me… And you can see the results instantly.

You can try out my free EFT videos here and also here. And if you want private work just send me a message and we can see if it’s the right fit for you.

I hope this inspires you to keep tapping.

You may already know my story – that when I first started tapping, it was in a teacher training and I did hours upon hours of tapping in a row. It was incredible.

One session, although powerful – is never enough! You must have tapping binges.

Your life will change, you will move through the issues more gracefully. It will be SO worth the investment of your time!