You think you need a better strategy or more likes or a bigger crowd to solve your problem – and I can understand why. I used to think that as well. But that’s NOT the problem. That’s just the petals of the flower – it’s not the actual seed that springs what you want into life.
To solve your problems, get more engagement, make more money and yes, even to find the love of your life… You must value yourself first – and then the money will follow.
You must approve of yourself and who you are now and the engagement on your posts, and your sales will increase.
You must feel worthy and deserving of what you want AND YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT.
On top of that you need to feel expectation, you need to believe and feel it is safe. You need to assume it will happen — AND THESE ARE ALL FEELINGS, aren’t they?
Now don’t get me wrong; Hear me out…
You only want what you want so you feel a certain way, but it goes deeper than that.
So I’m NOT saying to find a way to feel good and then be happy with that. I’m not saying to just be happy with feeling happy and let go of your desires. Desires are good!
I AM SAYING that when you feel certain of yourself and what you deserve… When you value yourself and feel it on such a deep level it is second nature… You become a very lucky person indeed!
When you feel certain about your worth and what’s coming to you, and you approve of who you are – OPPORTUNITIES appear by the bucket loads and it begins raining awesomeness!
This is why some people seem to have more luck than others.
This is why when you feel good, good things usually happen.
It’s also why feeling good isn’t enough. It’s about all the states of being I listed above, plus some more…
So rather than running out looking for the next strategy (which has it’s place – but it is NOT the seed of your greatness) you absolutely need to start working on your inner World. And then the luck, opportunities, clients, divine relationships, holidays or whatever YOU really want will manifest.
This is the basis of Law of Attraction.
And on one level, that’s a big part of what I help my clients with….
SO this is why I’ve created ’17 Days Of Deep Healing’. This is my amazing gift to my community – sort of like a love note in the form of a program…
Because life changes when you approve of yourself… When you feel this deep sense of worthiness that was just never there before… You change. Everything changes for the better. And this is what I want for you.
I know what it’s like to struggle, and feel unsure… I even remember what it’s like to thoroughly hate myself and feel like I had nothing truly worthwhile other than my sexuality.
And you know why else?
Because sharing this work with you makes me HIGH.
A unique natural high that can’t be gotten from anywhere else… not really! The literal feeling euphoria that comes from DOING this work, (especially 1:1 – wow!) is so intense, so calming, so invigorating… For both me and my client…
Because this is energy work and I guide you through it – I feel what you feel and I help generate the energy as well.
On top of that the satisfied knowledge I have that I have literally changed the world through you… And I have this knowledge because my clients are constantly commenting, messaging and videoing what amazing and delightful things happen for them!
My method is quite unique. It is a mix of EFT but called Deep EFT/Deep Healing because it doesn’t always have tapping but it usually does. It ALWAYS has ‘Emotional Alchemy Breathwork’ == a deeply healing breath I tuned into and developed through the years that makes this process incredibly effective.
SO I want to give you a big dose of it. Because this work is best done with a healthy obsession to get as much done as possible in a short period of time. I speak from experience, yo! 🙂
You can still join us for 17 Days of Deep Healing.
Valued at $1,000 – i’m giving it to you for free.
Trust me – you have time for this.
Especially if you don’t have time… you need this!
This work will help to melt away the STUFF that overwhelms you and takes over your time. But you have to put in the hours to see that happen – then over the next few months THINGS WILL CHANGE. They just will – they always do.
It seems like coincidence how things just happen to get better after you binge on this work. Situations that have been stuck for YEARS begin to change, and very naturally and easily too. So you have time for this!
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