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Thank you Kai Ashley! I thought I was too small – I was in the mindset of my sad sob story, and my tag line was “if my friends could see me now” and not in a good way…And then I went to Tony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within, and I joined the face book page – and I saw Kai Ashley- she was doing a selfie video following the 10 day challenge that Tony set us all to be alkaline…I was hooked by her positivity and great smile and i commented and then we Skyped – and the rest is HISTORY!!! – I started tapping with Kai, and getting some amazing results….not just financial, but in how I saw myself and how I felt.

Today I sent Kai a message –

“I have just been handed cash in my hand – double the day rate that I had already doubled since tapping – to do exactly what I love, and I know it’s becasue i have changed my mindset to ” Im worth it” – I did the tapping with all my heart, just like Kai says, with expression with deep mouth open breathing and I really felt it as I did it.

I truly believe that subconscious negative beliefs were holding me back – and I was working on myself, my energy , my body and restarting my career – but I wasnt expecting actual cash results this quickly. I’v only just started the sessions that Kai sent me – and I’m so exited to see what will happen next – WOW Kai Ashley, you are a super powered coach and I thank you for what you have done for me, and in advance for what is about to happen – ‪#‎watchthisspace‬

Sasha Carew

So, since I’ve been working with Kai – first of all I was very hesitant because of the money. I was already having financial issues and then I had to spend m ore money to get out of the financial issues and I was freaking out.


But it’s been amazing since. After each session, each time it gets better and better. I just feel so… like a little bit closer to wholeness. I’ve been doing so much better with my finances, I got a new job since then.


Which only had a couple of months – not even, within 2 months after our session. I also, all these new opportunities started coming to me. I started my own business on the side, and just great other opportunities that I would never expect have been coming my way. And I feel it is all related to this.


I’ve never been that type of person where all these things are coming my way. So it’s been so great and I am forever grateful AND I decided to continue my session with Kai because it was so good that I wanted to work on other areas and now I’m on the next round of the series.


I decided not even to work on the finances at this direct moment because I’m so good there now. There are other things that need work. So I’m really excited. Kai is awesome, she is such a sweet, wholesome person. She knows how to make healing fun and always no matter what, I end up laughing at some point during the session.


And I’ve done EFT with a few other practitioners but she’s definitely my favorite, I love her way and I can see doing this forever because it’s just a life transformation and I want to continue to grow so thank you Kai!


And I hope everyone else has the same experience because she’s amazing and all her sessions are awesome!

Amanda Lichwala

I just love Kai-Ashley so much I can not say good enough things about her and her program. The Vibrant Success Club has added SO much value to my life, I can not even describe how many shifts it made for me.


I especially love the live EFT Tapping classes with her. She has this brilliant energy that feels so safe and warm and inviting. I feel like I can completely open up to her be vulnerable and bring my stuff that really really needs to be worked through.


And every single time I am live with her and working through it, I feel it in my body. I feel it in my space. I FEEL a transformation. When I am working through whatevers coming up for me, I usually start at a 10, a 9 or a 8 and I drop down to a 4, a 3, a 2 and I can feel the energy lifting off my body.


And I feel happier and lighter and things actually feel possible for me. Some of the big dreams and goals that I have that are so big and just seem forever away, after going through a session with her, it feels possible for me.


I feel curious and excited to see how it’s going to unfold and it’s just an experience that you don’t get a lot. I feel like working with her really creates change – and immediate change that you can feel and that you can know and experience it in your being and in your body. I just can’t recommend her enough.


I highly, highly recommend you work with her, you join The Vibrant Success Club. You will not, NOT be sorry that you did. It can change your life and you will just love her. So… hop on in!


Blake Ashley Freedom, San Diego

Trained EFT Practitioner of 10 years, www.BlakeAshleyFreedom.com

I’m so profoundly grateful to Kai Ashley for her freaking amazing emotional alchemy work in the world!

What a gift! It gives me hope when I think of what it is making possible on this planet.

We have been having sessions over the past month or so and it has transformed my world inside and out for the better.

I feel settled to my deepest core and am free to be authentically myself. I have learned to trust and love myself and that this is safe.

Love is flowing, with my goals and dreams and in my relationships where before limiting beliefs were seriously interfering and I was experiencing pain and loneliness instead of connection.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to go back and reclaim my power from past and feel confident enough to really live a life I love. I know that I want this for everyone.

I had my doubts about this work ( doing it remotely I guess) and totally underestimated the immense power of it . I did not expect in the first session to go so deep and unlock years and years of trauma, shame and tension that I didn’t even know I had.

I feel so much lighter and more present and at peace. I love knowing this work with Kai -Ashley is on offer and recommend wholeheartedly to anyone willing and curious enough to see what would happen for them personally if they put themselves in Kai’s capable and sensitive hands.

Very very exciting and profoundly wonderful opportunity.


Bec Schofield

Facilitator, Actor, Musician

Theatre that Reconnects performer/practitioner & Mother of three


Bec Schofield

I’m Gemma and I’ve been working with Kai for the last couple of months. I’m a private client of hers and I’m also a member of The Vibrant Success Club. I feel like The Club is really aptly named, because I’m feeling A WHOLE LOT MORE VIBRANT! And a whole lot more successful since joining!

The ways in which I feel more vibrant and successful are: I’m attracting all these amazing work opportunities that I just didn’t know even existed before I started doing this work with Kai. And I found this calling with my work, which had been a problem for me for years – and I had been stuck figuring out what I was going to do with my life – or at least my work life.

I was stuck with that for years. Now it feels like it is all shifting into place. I feel more aligned with my true essence and my true purpose. I also operate a few businesses. Doing this work with Kai has helped me to discuss my prices with clients with a lot more ease and a lot more confidence. It’s gotten rid of a lot of awkwardness, limitations and weird feelings around money that I used to have.

So Kai is super amazing. She is really warm and supportive, but she’ll also kick your butt if she needs to, to get you to do the work. Which I think is really important in a coach. It works for me anyway! Since doing the work with Kai, I have started activating a lot of things in my life.

I am focusing more on one of my businesses to generate more income, and it’s really working! I am contacting clients with confidence. I am seeking out leads and sending people emails and quoting prices left right and centre. Before it was hard because I didn’t know to anything – I just didn’t trust myself.

I had all this emotional stuff in the way. But now it is clearing and there is space for opportunities to come into my life, where there wasn’t space before because there were all these beliefs in the way. I am really grateful for the work I have been doing with Kai because it is completely transforming my life.

Not only professionally but also personally. I just don’t care what people think of me and that’s really liberating because that can be seen in my business. And I can reach out to people more easily. And I can make more friends. I just have such a feeling of freedom in my life that I never had before.

So if you’re thinking of joining The Vibrant Success Club, I would definitely, definitely recommend it – it is changing my life!

Gemma White, Melbourne Australia


I’ve just enrolled in this course [Release Anxiety & Be Confident In Social Situations] with Kai-Ashley Healer & EFT Mindset Coach from the Vibrant Success Club and can’t wait to start on it… Her techniques are so unique and they WORK!!! After a couple of weeks working with Kai my life has changed so dramatically already!

Vicky H. San Francisco

I have been doing Kai-Ashley’s money club for about a month and a half now and it’s been wonderful. It’s changed a whole lot. Beliefs that I have – on a visceral sense. It’s not just being told to think positively so you can attract the life you want…

It’s actually physically removed and replaced the blocks that I had. I would also say that being in The Vibrant Success Club – there is a community. The Money Circle is online and interactive.

Kai is really good at specifically locating the points of pain, looking at them and not trying to change them or fix them [which makes the issue stuck]. She is really good at shining the light on it and literally and physically shining the light into your body, then the blocks gradually dissolve. I’ve got a lot more money.

I now have $3000 just chillin’, which I don’t need to spend on anything. It’s funny cos I don’t really know where it’s coming from [it felt so natural] – I’m working a lot more, I am doing awesome things with women that I love and am totally inspired by. I’m doing graphic design and I’m doing coaching and writing and I’m getting 40,000 views on things I write… And I redid my website and I’m really happy!

The biggest thing is that I used to be tortured. It showed up in my life. I would stress about getting paid more but now I am letting it happen and I am getting paid more! It’s like this faith that I have, whereas before there was panic. It’s an actual bodily reaction.

Like, I’ve done so much stuff with my mind, I can see one of the reasons it worked really well, me coming into The Vibrant Success Club because I could see a lot of where I was scared and where I pulled back, but I had no idea what to do with it. Kai worked really well showing those things love, which I could not do. I just wished it would get out of me!

I didn’t want to have a panic attacks at a store check out and I wouldn’t have been able to have this conversation now But I can have these kind of conversations with my bosses and with my clients now and can feel good – so yeah. I highly recommend working with her. I highly recommend the Vibrant Success Club. I highly recommend the money club

QUESTION FROM KAI: How is the EFT Money Circle different to other programs you have taken? I would say there is so much more care than any other place I have been in. In money work, it feels so dark and draining. But with Kai there is such a joy around money in The EFT Money Circle.

There is such a radiance! And now I have money! I have like, a few hundred dollars on my altar, with incense around it… I never knew that I could celebrate it this way. I would also say the other main thing is the body based thing.

In other coaching there was this real judgmental force with this idea that there was something wrong with you if you’re not earning money… And really, if you’re not earning money you are probably just a really magical, brilliant, wonderful person who has no idea of how magical brilliant and wonderful you are.

I would say I have learned to value myself and on a visceral level as the tapping physically removes the blocks

QUESTION FROM KAI: How is it different in your  body now when you wake up each day? I definitely used to have this terror. It was awful. I was terrified. And I felt so small and shameful.

I felt this black cat cloud that followed me around everywhere I went and was just like – yeah but you’re poor. Yeah but you’re not worth anything and yeah but you’re in debt…. And I’m NOT in debt anymore, by a miracle. And that was just after I joined!

These things happen and I forget it’s because I’m doing this stuff because it becomes part of my life. But things REALLY change. I have so much less shame, so much less hate and so much less struggle. I still have some cos I want so much. I want a million dollars.

I want to be exactly who I am and have money because I know I spend money in a good way – now I feel that’s a possibility and that I can have it and I deserve it! It doesn’t have to be a struggle… It can be fun!

Louisa, San Francsico

Coach & Artist

Both the group and one on one EFT sessions with Kai as well as the day tapping and breathwork workshops were very, very powerful experiences…. Particularly in my one on one session with Kai, I have never opened up like that before or delved into those extremely uncomfortable places and sat with them in such a way… Since the EFT sessions I have certainly felt lighter, like something very heavy and burdening has been removed from my body and mind and has created space for me to be able to focus on other things like getting back in touch with my creativity.

Cassie H. Australia (In Bali)

Sharing At The End Of An EFT Money Circle: This session was really amazing – I think I got it down to a 2 and felt all the energy shifting in my body, which is what I love so much about how you work because I have such a visceral experience.


Just showing up every week has been so powerful for me because I can really feel the difference so I look forward to it every week because I can kind of bring all that gunk that just comes up and then really let it go.


Because I really feel it I know that it’s making a huge difference. I’ve been going through so much transition in my life lately that this has been so grounding for me and has really helped me shift those beliefs of being scared, like I am not able to move forwards. I feel like there is so much more possibility.


Every time I show up that grows and grows and grows and grows… And a lot of my stuff is really deep but this just brings it to the surface and makes it easier to process and let go of. So, I am so grateful for you Kai and I am so grateful for The Vibrant Success Club…


In the short amount of time I’ve been here, it’s made the biggest difference and you’re awesome! Before the session I felt like really stuck and kind of numb. But now I can feel. I’ve been doing a lot of work transitioning my business and I just have not felt it’s possible. It’s been so frustrating.


But as I was doing the work, I had all these visions of, “Oh I could do this! And I could do THIS! and Oh This is possible, and I could imagine myself doing that!” It feels like I’m more open to receiving. And I think I’ve dropped down from a 2 or even a 1 from a 9 or a 10 so its been really powerful today for sure.

Blake, San Diego

Trained EFT Practitioner of 10 years, www.BlakeAshleyFreedom.com

I have gone so deep within my psyche with Kai where it has led me to understand me and my emotions to LET GO of patterns that no longer serve me, to now being the HAPPIEST I have ever been because she has made me realize and know that I CAN HAVE IT ALL!!! I can have all my dreams and she walks you through it and clears the blocks along the way. I have had sooooo many gifts and treasures that I have gained with Kai. I am now LOVING MYSELF!!!! She has helped me fall in love with me!!!!

Sara A. San Francisco


There is something about Kai that makes me feel really safe. And I feel the genuine intention in her to really want to help and to really want you to blossom and live your fullest potential and that’s the only thing that I feel when I work with Kai.


I didn’t know a place like this existed, where I could work on removing my blocks and I didn’t think it was possible to completely reprogram about how I think about life and what reality I am creating through my thoughts.


So, if you do the work, it works! Because once I did the first tapping session my fears were released and all of the fears I had multiplying had pretty much released. I went from feeling so resistant towards my dreams and feeling like they were really out of my reach.


And it was incredible. I just felt so open and rejuvenated and possible. So all in all it was just an amazing experience. I am feeling a hundred times better, I am feeling so much release and it was just one of the most incredible experiences of my life I will never forget.


Tannaz, Los Angeles

Performer and Make Up Artist

This has been one of the most transformational things I have ever done. I have done a lot of work in different areas and what I’ve just experienced now, was completely transformational. Ive been stuck since I was 16, so for 20 years.


And I’ve felt lost in so many different ways with being unlovable and not feeling good enough. What just happened was such a surge of energy, I was held in this space by this amazing woman to one, go back and experience the fullness of what happened and transform that into a state of Love.


I now don’t fear my sad states. I now don’t fear my trauma, in fact I feel absolutely complete love for it and I have never ever been able to say that I fully love who I am. But now I can say that with absolute conviction. I have full love for me.


I am absolutely buzzing right now, after the most amazing transformational session ever. This is something people have to do. You’ve gotta let go of these areas that are stopping you from experiencing the fullness of life, and of yourself.


The ability Kai just had to hold my space was phenomenal. I have never felt so safe and supported and understand and gotten. This is something people have to do. You have to do this, give yourself a life back. Give yourself love.


What just happened to me was transformational. I have been guided to a place I never thought I’d go to. And I’ve been able to transform something that was an absolute block for me – I couldn’t even go there into something that not only did I go there, but I turned it into Love.


I fully feel love for the despair that I had. I’m not joking. This is real and this is there. The love that just came through my body not only for my emotions and for myself for the first time ever I can honestly say I have full love for myself and I feel SO READY to burst forward into life, I can not tell you.


People need to do this, this is something that needs to happen. I’ve done all sorts of therapies. This was the most transforming thing I’ve ever done. Ever. See Kai Ashley. She is amazing!


Katy Alexander, Sydney Australia

Travel Agent

I’ve been working with Kai-Ashley from The Vibrant Success Club and it’s made a massive difference to me – I was absolutely stuck around money and debt.


I felt ashamed, embarrassed and full of fear. I was just stuck. So within 4 days of working with her materials online I had finally started to do my tax return [which I had put off for such a long time even though they owed me money].


I started to talk to people about the debt I was in and after 4 days this led to people just giving me money… I started my tax return, I wasn’t afraid anymore I was very calm [for the first time ever] and I actually won £25 on the lottery.


Things have got better and better since then. The tax return money came back and I just feel very, very different. I’ve tapped before so it’s not something that’s new to me but I had never specifically tapped on money and mainly I had worked by myself.


I also worked one to one with her which is amazing. She is one of these people – watch out World! She really is a star. When she’s working she’s kind of illuminated. She’s wonderful.


She is passionate, she’s hard working, she loves what she does. But she’s also tender and tough at the same time because she sets challenges for you and you make sure that you meet them.


So yep, I am happy to endorse Kai and I am looking forward to keeping on working with her. And I wish her lots and lots of success. Thank you!

Alison Perry, UK

Sharing At The End Of An EFT Money Circle: Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I had a memory from when I was 5 years old when I felt so guilty and was punished for receiving money.


I worked on this memory now and released a lot of stuck energy, and worked with my younger self. So now she is happy. Happy for receiving money, for helping people. So I do believe that things are going to be different from now. At the beginning of this session I was intense physical pain.


I had this deep pain in my solar plexus, and my wrists were aching at a 10… I couldn’t even tap them. Now the pain is around 2 or 3. The wrists have everything to do with receiving. Also no more pain in my solar plexus – so thank you much!


I am an EFT Master practitioner and a trainer. Now I am training my first student and am so happy. Just one student but oh thank god, 1 student! And I received a scholarship to further my Matrix imprinting skills. I am a level 3. I don’t need to do level 4 now as it’s for trainers, which I already am.


I really wanted to study level 5 because I have some clients who have cancer. They need special help so I really needed this course – level 5. My trainer decided to give level 5 to me as a gift… $10,000 to me! It’s a fortune to me so not possible to pay for this course. He gave me this as a gift. It’s like I”m dreaming cos I’m so happy.


And I’ve been releasing a lot of stuff and it’s not just because of your money circle but your friendship too. It is also so important to me. Thank you so much. This moment every week where we share here, I release a lot of things. Things are becoming more clear in my mind about my childhood and money.


So I can be more conscious about it and work on these issues. It’s great because now that I’m working with this 5 year old aspect of me, it was easy! I don’t need to cry working with her. I feel so happy helping her release all this old energy. It’s like now I can see things from a different part of me – a different angle.


Just helping my younger self. I had a very strong pain crises, physically it was so intense I couldn’t move my hands. But you helped me with that, Kai and I feel so much better now!



Trained EFT Master Practitioner & Matrix Imprinter

Kai helped me identify what was so unsatisfying and frustrating to me in my relationship, and work on MY part of it – tapping out intense frustration, fear and disappointment of it ending.


Once I cleared a lot of that out, I was able to have a really good series of conversations with my lover that helped us become closer and understand each other’s frustrations, fears and hearts desires.


I really wasn’t able to be open to that before I experienced tapping with Kai. I really felt inspired that my emotions didn’t have to overwhelm me but that I could allow myself to experience them and let them go.


Corrie Lynn, USA

Sharing At The End Of  An EFT Money Circle: That was intense! That shifted so much more than I even knew was there. After we started my issue escalated from a 9 to a high 10, then everything dropped down to a 1. I love that these are intensive sessions that have instant results. I’ve come out of each session rejuvenated and The Vibrant Success sessions allow me to tap whenever I want and feel supported. And it’s awesome to feel the energy in the group, to know that we are all pouring ourselves into this and supporting each other through some sh*tty stuff. Thanks for such an awesome session, ladies. Sending you all Love and Blessings. 🙂

Jenny C

Art Therapist

Growing up I was told that you can’t make money from your hobbies so I wasn’t sure if I could do my art therapy successfully. But after these sessions the doubt is now a zero for me [completely gone] and I know I can do it. It’s almost hard to remember what it was like to even think like that before. If you had told me when i first read about EFT in Kai-Ashley’s book that after 1 session I would be walking on air for 5 days I wouldn’t have believed it. But it is that simple. That was just so awesome to me, cos I am a bit skeptical about all these different techniques out there, but to find one that works so deeply and on so many levels is actually quite special. I had so much more energy and after only 3 weeks my entire outlook has become much more positive.

Jenny C. UK

Art Therapist

Kai – I have to begin with a big thank you. For all of your hard work that you do to benefit us all. Everyday I think about everything you have done for me and…I can’t stop feeling butterflies in my stomach with a smile on my face. I hope you go far in life with your business because your mission is exactly what The World needs! I love you Kai and all of your dedication to heal The World one step at a time. You are glorious!

Jess L. San Francisco

I met Kai-Ashley at a poignant time in my life and she has helped me deal with value [feeling valued and receiving money]. This goes back to when my childhood experiences of what I thought value was.


I felt a lot of guilt and shame around receiving and she helped me to release all those feelings of guilt and shame around receiving value and receiving gifts. So poignant in my life. And her technique is brilliant.


She works in a compassionate and healing way of releasing all the emotions attached to it – in a wonderful talkative and almost a conversational way, while using wonderful tapping techniques, which I am sure you will learn so much about. And it’s been brilliant.


We hit so many different levels on the emotional side and also the physical side – and she’s just has such an amazing and caring way, you get caught up in the flow and you go along with it. And the end result has been utter joy!


Seriously, I feel so happy and released from where I was. And I can not recommend her highly enough. So if you want to deal with any money issues, any guilt that you have about money and shame she is brilliant at doing it and I am sure there are other areas in your life that she can help you with as well.


So I do recommend Kai-Ashley. Thank you.


Chris Heath, UK

EFT & Mindfulness Coach, Life Living Therapy

Sharing At The End Of  An EFT Money Circle: The experience of this circle (my second visit) has been amazing. The group has really helped me shift such old stuff all around shame of handling money and guilt around accepting money and wasting it.. I was stuck in that frozen place of guilt. I feel SOOOO Different. A lot lighter. :o)) The energy of the group is so vibrant and your skill Kai and guidance is amazing :o) Thank you Kai, you have such a huge heart!

Chris Heath, UK

EFT & Mindfulness Coach, Life Living Therapy

Working with Kai was the first step I took toward changing the reality I’d been stuck in for some time… & the shifts I experienced while working with Kai have stayed with me… I feel great; I am no longer feeling stuck and depressed. Rather I feel motivated, confident & fulfilled!

Catherine Murphy, San Francisco

Thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety. It was very powerful stuff that made me feel so relaxed and it’s helped ease my mind. Xxx

Jen O'Donnell, UK

Kai helped me remove all of this stuff from my body and now from that point on I’ve just been blossoming and emerging and finding and feeling my full potential because I sat with all my sh*t and removed it from my body. And I am so grateful for Kai who really was the catalyst in helping me do that. I just love what she’s doing. I just know that her skill and her passion and her medicine is so special and so unique that a lot of people in The World need it.

Alecia "Spirit" Repp, Toronto, Canada (In Bali)

Workshop Facilitator and Make-up Artist Extraidornaire

Sharing At The End Of An EFT Money Circle: Thank you so much Kai. I woke up at 6.30am to do this with you – I definitely feel so much more calmer now, I’m in a state I can’t even explain it. Somehow you always work for me this way.


I am just SO much more relaxed, really I just can’t explain the feeling now. I’m very happy. I realized I really have to stop postponing everything and put things into priority. Now I’m going to start writing my thesis.


Although it’s not totally connected to money, it’s connected to a better future. If I get my papers out I will have a better future… I don’t even know what to say because I’m in a totally different state…


I’m actually at work and some times people came and they bothered me. But still I fell right back into the tapping again. Yeah I mean, I’m in a really really different state. At one point I saw all this purple light and then the light turned white!


Dora, Australia

I had told Kai where I wanted to be with myself by New Years and we tapped on together one on one. On New Years Day itself, I had one of the most precious breakthrough moments with where I was at with myself. Moments after I was in awe of the manifestation Kai had helped me to reach – to perform live and not hold back. Not the day before nor after, but the exact day of New Years Day! That day my motto was created ‘Courage To Live The Dream.’ I love you Kai!

Nilo, San Francisco


Sharing At The End Of An EFT Money Circle: This session actually brought up the most emotional baggage I did not know I was even carrying. I didn’t realize that that baggage made me shameful around money.


Also I’ve been holding onto it for 20 years. And releasing it today right now and finding it in my body and releasing it, I kind of feel vulnerable and tired. That’s how I know it’s a good shift… You are amazing. This is like, you found something I didn’t even know I was carrying. So thank you so much. I really, really appreciate you.


Karen, California

Intuitive Self-Love Healer & Coach

Question from Kai: Could you tell me a little about what your relationship with money used to be like? My relationship with money was more coming from a place of shame. Money was a bad thing to own or even have in your hands.


I felt I wasn’t worthy of it and I had to spend it or give it away because it was so shameful to be in possession of it. Doing EFT tapping, the way it happened for me – it really made me realize where I was holding me back. I realized that what the issue was and it was painful but then when I released it I felt lighter and like I was releasing something that wasn’t even mine.


Right now I feel like it is not shameful to have money, money is just an energy exchange and it’s just paper! For example at the store today I was buying some stuff today and when I cashed out I was seeing it in a way where I was really seeing it. When I gave the money and she gave me the change, I felt good for taking it back.


It felt like second nature and normal. It feels normal Question from Kai: So How do you think that will affect you in your life now? I will feel more confident around money now and giving more value around what I’m exchanging…


Where its a healthy relationship. I am able to take care of money the way I’m taking care of other relationships in my life. Nurturing, loving, giving it appreciation and gratitude. It feels like I am in control of my own life and I feel like I am in control to be able to do that with confident… This started yesterday.


Your EFT Tapping sessions are so powerful where I’m seeing difference in 12 – 48 hours. The shift is super fast. The more you feel different the more you see different stuff show up in your life. I really liked the money circle. That was amazing because the group would get together and we would mastermind basically.


We all had the same purpose and I think it was the most powerful thing I ever experienced in my life by letting go of something thats big. I highly, highly recommend it for EVERYBODY who is going through this stuff and has blockages in these areas.


Question from Kai: How has this helped you as a healer? As a healer it helped me understand that whatever is happening in our inner World is making our reality different by changing the emotional baggage and by releasing it…


I don’t know how to say it. How about compared to other sorts of teachings out there, how is it different? OK This is a big one. The ones I tried before were more do it yourself where you just read and apply. I like how you have your program set because it is very personal.


It is very energy based, it’s very soul connecting. It just doesn’t do on the surface. It goes so deep to parts you didn’t even know existed. It touches those parts and brings them to the surface and shines the light. I think that’s why those areas can feel uncomfortable because the light is shining on it, Sending light into these dark places blew my mind.


It was very personal. It was very, very personal. It’s like those parts we put at the back of our mind and we don’t want to deal with it. But with you, they are being exposed and taken out.


At first it’s like I don’t like what I feel but then it’s OK because it is the process. Then after it’s done, that’s when you’re like WOW THIS IS SO AMAZING.


Question From Kai: What is it like to do the first half of the Get Out of Debt Free Program (the part that was available) in just 1 full day? That was phenomenal. What I did was, I felt fine and I started tapping.


At the end of that day around 7 or 8pm my eyes got wide and everything was vibrating! Then when I layed down, I couldn’t even sleep that night because I had so much energy! I was laying there and the vibration was super super high…


So whoever gets that program do the tapping all in one day. I know it’s like a few hours but it’s so worth it. What I love about your program is it doesn’t give these temporary results. It’s actually a life time.


It is changing a life time. Question from Kai: What feels more possible for you? For me, money is easier to attain. For me now it feels possible to have money in my hand and not to go and spend it because I feel bad, which was never possible.


Now I feel that I can actually put a price on my services and stand behind my price without the shame! That’s the number 1 thing. There is no shame in receiving money!


Question from Kai: So what has it been like working with me [Kai-Ashley]? Well I have said this before and I will say this again. I feel like you are magic. I feel like fairy dust is coming out of you…


Because people can create magic but some people just have it you know. – that’s just what they are. And the feeling is that I feel safe and very very nurtured and loved. It’s like a piece of heaven. I just go there and I rejuvenate.


Your energy is so nurturing and I love that. Not everybody carries that. For you the first time I met and working with you throughout this whole time and every single time I feel something deep. Your presence is nurturing and very healing.


I am very excited to see even more breakthroughs, I’ve already had so many and I know I will have many more as I continue to work with you. I am so happy and grateful for meeting you. It is a true blessing and I would say a miracle because I was looking for this stuff for a long long time.


Karen, CA



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