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You’re about to get the 10 steps I consistently use to make money from my passions, and to manifest unexpected money that comes from surprising places.

It’s important to understand that we all have unique beliefs, blocks, and current abilities…

So I must be clear: Results may vary.

You know why I tell you this?


Because I don’t want you to give up…

The truth is that manifesting money can first bring stuff up to test your faith.

This is where most people fall apart and go right back to negative thinking and desperation.

This is where manifesting money can seem like a losing battle.

I get it… I really do.

But it doesn’t help.


So what can you do?

If manifesting money doesn’t work for you straight away, do more of step 5.

Then repeat the process again….

So hang in there and develop TRUST!

(notice I said DEVELOP – you build your belief, and grow your trust. It keeps getting better with time if you persist)

Even if it takes you longer than the rest. Don’t be so attached to WHEN.

The funny paradox is:

When you have a sense of detachment, the money really can instantly manifest now.

But when you’re holding on,

And trying to force it to happen – you push it away.



OK, so grab your pen and paper…

And let’s jump in, shall we?

10 Steps For Manifesting Money Fast:


  • Get clear on what you want


  • Ask for what you want in different amounts of money, not just one


  • Visualize your success


  • Activate your positive FEELINGS


  • Clear your blocks


  • Use The ‘Yes Manifesting Method’ of talking to yourself.


  • Practice real trust and deep faith.


  • Make A Plan And Prepare yourself now.


  • Step into your future self NOW


  • Relax – It Is DONE.

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Step 1: Get clear on what you want

Manifesting money is NOT just about money. Not at all.

Think of it like this:

You can’t eat money.

Sitting on or rolling in money is only fun for a short period of time – it’s certainly not a holiday

You can’t fall in love with money…

Can you?


Money is just an experiential tool.

Money can buy you a delicious meal to eat

Money can buy you an amazing holiday you’ll never forget

Money can take you to places where you might meet the love of your life…

So it’s not really money you’re after (even though that’s part of it)…

It’s the experience… And how the experience will make you feel.

Am I right?



This is where you get clear on what you want to spend the money on.


Avoid this rookie mistake:


Resist the impulse to only write down what you think you can have…

Do not limit yourself.

What is possible for anyone, is also possible for you.

Did you know that?

It’s true.

Let me repeat this in another way:

You have as much potential and ability as everyone else. You are connected to the same Universe as everyone else.

So whatever is possible for anyone, is also possible for you.


Bob Proctor teaches to think of what you would want to buy in the next year if you could have anything at all.

This is not an average of every year…

This is your next year.

Would you buy a house, a car, go on a World holiday, hire a financial planner AND go on a shopping spree?

If that’s what you truly want to do… Then do it. Write it down!


a) Make a long list of everything you would spend money on in the next year

– make sure to be generous with your figures: Round up your numbers, rather than down.

– make sure to add in ‘flexi money’ for free spending.

– and once you have your final figure definitely make sure to add 25 or 30% on top for taxes so they don’t come out of the money you already have.

b) Get your grand total

c) Divide it into 12 – how much a month is that a month?

d) Pick yourself up off the floor!

Some of you reading will be floored and wonder, how is that ever possible? Some of you will be amazed that the figure is nowhere near as much as you thought it was…

Either way – take a deep breath (like right now – breathe please!) and let’s keep going.

e) Next write your grand total (or monthly amount if you prefer) down on a card.

IMPORTANT: Read it many times a day, every day with the feeling that yes, this is your life now.

f) Then you begin asking all day every day in an expectant way.

This is where we go on to step two!

Step 2: Ask for what you want in different amounts of money, not just one.

Think about it:

You usually receive money in smaller amounts, don’t you?

So doesn’t it just make sense to work with the wonders of The Universe by asking for it in varying different amounts?

Step 2:

State what you want, and ask questions around it…

Then ask for varying amounts, including small amounts like $200, $1000 and $10,000 for instance.

You want to be constantly asking for different amounts of money. Because remember… isn’t that usually how money comes in?

OK but here is the kicker and where most people fall down.

Don’t ask for it in a begging way…

Ask in a trusting way, where you KNOW that by asking it is done.

Where you KNOW that by asking you are opening to receive… Where you KNOW that what you want is a done deal and is on it’s way to you.


Why is asking so powerful?

Let me ask you this…

Do you want to manifest money?

Did you automatically answer that last question before?

Can you see how whenever you are asked a question your mind immediately goes to work to answer it?

Are you now noticing that you keep answering these questions even now?

This is the power of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will answer every question you ask. 

The special thing is that when you ask, on a deeper level your subconscious knows the answer.

You generate and receive the answer within you!

This is how you can be certain that by asking you truly will receive.


So how do you ask?

You can ask in any way that feels good to you.

The only rule is this:

Only ask for what you DO want.

Never ask for what you don’t want.


For example:

Do NOT ask questions like:

  • Why can’t I pay my bills?
  • Why is it so hard for me?
  • What is wrong with me?
  • How can I stop being in debt?
  • How can I get out of debt? (change it to HAVING more money)
  • When will this problem stop?

These questions are all asking for what you don’t want.

Your subconscious mind does not judge. It is simply designed to follow your instruction.

So while you think you might be solving the problem – you are actually activating the problem and sending your mind to create more problems.

Make sense?


Ask questions like:

  • How cool is it that I have more than enough money for all my needs and desires?


  • What would it take to have $10,000 now? What would it take to have $1,000 show up now?


  • What is the best next step to take to generate $10,000, $1,000 or $5,000 now?


  • What vibrational energy can I become to generate $10,000, $1,0000 or $5,000 now?


  • How amazing is it that money keeps flowing to me?


  • How can I receive even more money and abundance in my life now?


Can you see how it even FEELS better just to read the positive questions above?

If you never ask another negative question again – it will be too soon!

Just focus on what you DO want.

Ask your positive questions all day long.

Christie Marie Sheldon, keynote speaker at AwesomeFest, teaches to ask at least 30 times a day every day.

You can do it 30 times in a row, or all throughout the day…

But you must be asking, believing that yes – it IS already a done deal.

Step 3: Visualize your success

Visualize your life as you want it.

Close your eyes and imagine that the chair you are sitting in is IN the exact location you would rather be.

Or imagine that you are sitting in your car, or on that cruise, or with your loved on next to you right NOW.

This needs to be a daily practice…

And get this:

Even 5 minutes a day is great…

In fact, 5 minutes a day is vastly better than 30 minutes twice a week.

It’s about training your mind daily.

If you find visualizing hard, go to step 5 to clear your blocks.

Step 4: Activate your positive FEELINGS

Manifesting is all about your vibration… Your emotions are the language of the Universe.

When you feel good and certain, then you will get amazing ideas, and positive motivation to take efficient actions, call the right person, and bump into the exact thing/person you need to get manifest your desires into reality.

John Kehoe calls this seeding.

The Seeding definition is where you fully FEEL how amazing it would be to already have your desire NOW.

The visual isn’t as important – you simply FEEL.

When it comes to money, imagine this:

Imagine I paid you two hundred thousand dollars right now.

What would you do?

Would you just smile nicely and nod your head?

You would squeal like a tea cup pig being chased around the yard!

Wouldn’t you?!

See the money in your mind – Actually IMAGINE RECEIVING IT NOW!

If this was REAL, what would happen?

Come on… You know what would happen!

If you got your dream job at triple the pay, or won a World cruise holiday starting next week…

You know HOW you would really act at home alone – don’t you?! 😉

You would squeal and jump up and down and shout…

So doesn’t it make sense that THAT is what your nervous system needs to jolt it into expecting real money now?

Of course… Once you have celebrated it a few times…

Go to feelings of deep gratitude…

Imagine you have had the money for 6 months now.

How would you be feeling THEN?


For a few days, squeal, get excited…

Jump around and jolt your nervous system into the oh my god experience of receiving a lot of money


Assimilate it into your system as normal and feel deep gratitude, joy, eagerness for more, certainty…

And all that good stuff!

Practice seeding the feeling frequently, until it becomes your dominant emotion. And this is where manifesting money really starts to happen!

Step 5: Clear Your Blocks

Clearing your blocks is soooo incredibly important when it comes to manifesting money, and manifesting your desires in any capacity.

Your blocks are a mix of your limiting beliefs and stagnant energy from unprocessed trauma such as sadness, neglect, resentment etc…

Your limiting beliefs include:

  • The programming you got as a child


  • The money story you got stuck with from your family,


  • The negative experiences that made you contract,


  • And the ways you feel victimized by the World.


I know first hand how easy it can be to WANT to focus on the positive…

I’ve been there too…

Where you want to be positive…

So you ignore the heavy heart, the sinking stomach, or that pinched feeling, and try to be super positive…

Even though you secretly doubt.

You would think this is better than just being negative, right?


Pretending to be positive when you are really negative is just as bad as being a pessimist – almost.

It won’t get you anywhere.

You will either be defeated by your positive pretending, OR uplifted by your positive belief.

Take this from someone who has been there, done that….

Yep, that was Me!

So what can you do to clear your blocks?

The  good news is, there are SO many great ways to clear your blocks.

I’ll get into them in just a second…

But first you need to know what does NOT help to clear your blocks and solve your problems…

Ready for it?

Analyzing and dissecting the problem does NOT work when it comes to clearing your blocks and solving your problems.

Of course there is a fine line.

Do NOT be scared of your negative stuff.

This is the other BIG mistake people make when learning how to manifest.

You face it head on so you can see it….

THEN you send it love, bring in LIGHT and transform it into positive.

Want to know the best way to clear deep blocks that keep coming back?

EFT Tapping Kai’s way (that’s me!)

Here are some links to some tapping videos I highly recommend you check out…

Just try it. They really do work.

Next, you can try Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance

Christie is very talented at clearing blocks.

Christie always starts by connecting to the light.

If you’ve worked with me you know how powerful using the light can be.

She asks questions like we did in step 2, and then uses clearing statements such as:

Anything in the way, [of what I want] I uncreate, delete and destroy it all NOW.

Also, Bob Proctor teaches to re-evaluate yourself and ALL of your beliefs.

This is something that helped me greatly.

You look at a negative situation in your life…

This will always be backed up by a limiting belief.

And then you look for examples in your life that show the opposite, more positive thing.

Make a list. It helps.

Forgiveness work is another great way to clear your blocks.

Try this Ho’o’ponopono method. It’s meant to be said many, many times over weeks and months.

Ho’o’ponopono is a powerful method that energetically clears blocks in yourself and others.

It is simply four phrases (said in any order you like)

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

These 4 phrases are made famous by Dr Hew Len, for having reduced prison violence in this famous example here.

Of course, there are hundreds, and probably thousands of great ways to clear your blocks.

Want one of the MOST powerful ways

To instantly manifest money fast?


I thought so!

Well then, I’ve saved the best for last.

It’s helped dozens of my clients manifest money.

Sometimes instantly!

Especially helpful if you find it hard to visualize

or want to manifest money fast!

Watch this video below to see what’s possible with this Healing Visualization technique


Spoiler Alert: One of my clients manifested a client DURING our session together

Like the sound of this?

You can get instant access to the
Healing Visualization method here

So as you can see there are tons of ways to clear your blocks…

Most people like to focus on just the positive stuff… But then wonder why Law of Attraction fails for them.

I always say…

Spend some time:

Half an hour, one hour, FIVE hours… Whatever feels right…

Spend this time consciously working through your blocks…

Then go and BE positive the rest of the time.

This way you will FEEL better…

And will actually BE a match to your desires.

So find something that resonates for you…

Try my tapping, and Healing Visualization above.

They work deeply. It’s awesome.

Then move on to the next step.

Important note:


Step 5 is a fairly constant process.

If you feel out of whack, or have wobbly emotions – just clear your blocks!

Then go right back to focusing on the positive.

Step 6: Use The ‘Yes Manifesting Method’ of talking to yourself.

So look…

I know this has been a lot so far!

Congrats for getting this far. I recommend you bookmark this page, but keep reading now.

This is a comprehensive guide on how to manifest money so you ACTUALLY get results.


So what is this Yes Manifesting method, Kai?

(At least that’s what I imagine your asking by now!)

It’s simple!

The Yes Manifesting Method is talking back to yourself with different little voices in your mind saying YES.

Want a real World example?

For instance:

Let’s say you want to go on an amazing holiday…

But in the past you’ve had doubts that you could really afford to go exactly where you wanted.

SO here’s what you do (and it’s simple BUT powerful)

Do your regular thing…

Think, write or say out loud what you want.

In this example:

I am going on an amazing holiday in the Maldives! (or where ever you want to go)

Now what usually happens?


How often do you hear little doubt whispers in the back of your mind that say:

“Nope, that won’t happen.” or, “You can’t do that.” or, ” That’s never worked before.”

The list goes on…

And it’s slightly different for all of us.

So guess what you can do?


Be prepared with little YES voices.

As soon as you think, I’m going on my holiday it’s going to be amazing.

Gently, and naturally start thinking YES.



Sounds good to me.

Of course…


Like a little echo!

Feel these little YES thoughts coming from different locations in your mind and body.

This will help to counter our the negative thoughts that want to pop up.

Try it for yourself.

Step 7: Practice real trust and deep faith.

 By now you are:


1. Super clear on WHAT you want

2. Asking for what you want at least 30 times a day with the expectation it will happen

3. Visualizing at least 5 minutes a day

4. Activating your positive feelings

5. And doing some heavy duty work to clear your blocks to money.

6. You’ve also started talking back to your positive thoughts with little YES voices..


Now it is time to develop that faith to such a deep level…


That what you want truly is a done deal.

Want to know how important that is?

Watch this video to discover how to use certainty in your manifesting practice!

8. Make A Plan And Prepare Yourself Now

This is one of my favorite steps!

This is where the money really starts to flow in fast!

Once you have gone through your visualization for the day.

Get out your journal (or already be using it to journal your goals and positive beliefs)

And then ask this question:

What is the next step to take now?

Take a breath and write what wants to come.

Sometimes it will be a logical action step. Take it.

Sometimes you will get something random and unrelated. Do it.

Other times you will get nothing at all. Trust it… Perhaps a further question.


Another way to ask is to pretend you are remembering back..

OK so what do I mean by this?


Imagine or pretend that you  have just achieved your goal….

Now pretend that you are remembering what happened.

The trick is to actually FEEL like you are remembering.


Ask yourself something like:

Now that I have gotten ABC XYZ… what steps did I take to get there?

And write down what wants to come.

The key is to follow this as closely as possible, and check in every day until your money and desires manifest.

And this brings me perfectly to the next point:

9. Step Into Your Future Self NOW

This is the important step that ties it ALL together.

To live the life you want, you must FIRST become what you want.

Essentially, you need to act as if it is already done

I know,  know…

This can be really hard sometimes!

But it’s just how it is.

Also why so many people are stuck.


For instance…

If you want to be filming videos but think you don’t have the money to make it look professional.

Act as if you do.

Either suck it up, hit record and publish your videos as you are.

Or be resourceful… Get creative…

And find a way to jazz up your set, or borrow equipment…

Or whatever you have to do.

Because remember – it is NEVER the money.

It is you.

It’s your creativity. Your decisions. Your resourcefulness.

People with zero dollars make lots of money all the time…

This is a fact.


Use the question in step 8 above – about remembering back.

Also journal…

Ask yourself questions like:

If I were already my ideal self, how would I be acting each day?

If I were already my ideal self, living my ideal life what would my morning routine be like?

How would I talk to myself? What would I be feeling in my body?

The trick is to do this frequently, and live into this ideal version of yourself.

10. Relax – It Is Done.

You know that feeling when you finish something, and you sigh of relief.

Well… Do that.

Know that vibrationally what you want is already a done deal.

The only thing that would keep it away are your doubts.

Believe it is done. Know it is done… And FEEL like it is done!

Keep reminding yourself.

It helps to think of something you’ve finished and physically take the sigh of relief as you think about it. Then imagine what you want and take that same sigh of relief.

Tell yourself out loud: Yes. It Is Done!