Or do you just think you are?
Sorry, not sorry – but how often do you make excuses and let your current life get in the way of the life you know you really want…? How is that even possible or OK in anyway?
Now I’m not saying I haven’t procrastinated or hid my light or played small in my fees – I’ve been there, done that. So I know exactly what it’s like…
And even though you probably charge more than most people you know – to you… You know the POWER of what you produce – of how you help people… Of the changes you make in people’s lives…
So why aren’t you showing up like you know you could? Why are you waiting and playing small?
You know what it is… Have you actually given yourself permission yet to step up to that NEXT level? I know it sounds weird… What a weird thing to actually SAY – right?
Even though it seems that way – vocalizing your permission to yourself is a VERY powerful thing. Words carry an immense power. Say them and they are true. If you have no opposing thought or opposite emotion – your words will always come true. They are that powerful.
This is one of the big things I help my clients do – open space for what they want by letting go of the deepest and stickiest blocks – which you can believe me… Is EVERYTHING.
If you have a block – you won’t make progress in that area and will eventually self-destruct in some way… This is why there has been so much misery in The World.
Focus on overcoming your blocks through Deep Healing techniques, focused journaling, affirmations that work and other amazing things like this. This has to come BEFORE ACTION.
Then take massive action – YES! But it needs to be your priority, otherwise your action could be taking you in the completely wrong direction… And we don’t want that, do we?
Did you know that sometimes with permission – you have to give yourself permission to fail and to NEVER change… it sounds counter intuitive. You would think that would doom you to a life time of stuckness… but it actually does the exact opposite.
When done in the right way – this permission will release your nervous system from that constant pushing that comes through attachment to your desire. Give your nervous system a break and give yourself permission to love yourself just as you are.
I have opened up my calendar for 3 or 4 spots with leaders and high achievers who are serious about their success. T
his will be an insightful session that will help you bust through one of the biggest blocks keeping you from raising to the next income level that you truly desire and deserve.
This is NOT for people who are just looking for free coaching. Of course, there is no hard sell or obligation – I only ever recommend going further with people who are an absolutely perfect fit…
But my time is valuable, and I am looking to meet the leaders and high achievers who are already making good money but KNOW they were destined for more.
I have some really exciting opportunities coming up, apply for one of these sessions – I will send you the application form.
This is an incredible opportunity to make profound change in your life, so you can step up online and elevate your success to a much higher level than ever before!
Sound like something you want? Then give yourself permission to be curious, because wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were REALLY surprised and actually had a life changing transformations…? Well you will.
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