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Welcome to this amazing self-improvement guide –


This is a valuable resource of many of my free personal development offerings. This is a great place to start if you are getting to know my work, or want to know more about EFT Tapping, Healing, life coaching, goal setting – And goal GETTING!

I encourage you to stop browsing, and spend some time absorbing and following the videos, audios and pdfs given to you on this page.

You will also learn about sales, and attracting high end clients, how to plan your day like a millionaire – using the same method Tony Robbins’ and other successful leaders use on a daily basis.


And importantly, you will be introduced to my way of Deep EFT Tapping.


Because I combine my EFT Tapping with breathwork, Healing Visualization and truly utilize your powerful mind-body connection, it goes deep into every cell of your body – and you WILL feel a real shift!

The reason I share so much free personal development resources is because my greatest passion lies in helping amazing leaders like yourself manifest your destiny, reach your goals and uplevel your self-improvement so you can take charge of your life and learn how to use thoughts for good in your life!

This work WORKS, often where nothing else has – and it gives lasting, lifetime transformation… Especially when you commit to your success and use the EFT Tapping, success principles and other self-improvement tools to work on yourself over the long term.

I welcome you to this journey, and I encourage you to go through and absorb it thoroughly!

This beautiful gem, does exactly what it says on the tin!

Learn how to plan your day like a millionaire here

This is a ‘tell all’ checklist for how I went from charging $150 per client FOR 3 SESSIONS….

To now multiple thousands at my highest end, in amazing programs that make a difference!

And what’s more, my clients love to pay me and we totally adore working together.

Learn how you can create the same!

If you don’t have goals then you don’t have the future you want. It’s that simple.

Download this simple, yet effective goals tapping sheet!

With a bonus EFT script at the end to reprogram your limiting beliefs your success becomes easier!

Amazing Money Mini Series!

In this mini series you get one daily wisdom teaching with simple exercise

And 1 Daily Deep EFT Tapping Session – Kai’s Way (My Way!) 🙂

I totally recommend, you sit down and finish it all at once if you can –

You can totally do it within a couple of hours


Would you like to increase your conversion rate, so you can make more sales in a way that is honorable and serving everyone involved? That’s how I roll!

Learn my social media strategy for how I successfully sign up amazing clients who pay me well and are a perfect fit!

Really cool stuff! Make sure you scroll to the bottom and try out The Emotional Alchemy videos  (1 intro video and 1 exercise) – This is Kai’s unique way of healing and it is POWERFUL!

Great tapping in here to overcome shame and negative feelings of unworthiness so you can sign up more clients and make more money

Step by step to manifest sucess!

This is an awesome little training I could easily sell for at least $197.

An email will be sent to you each day for 5 days

Follow the steps and you will have a great booster for your success!

Quick read with a powerful punch. Just one of these tips might be that big Ah-HAH! Moment you’ve been waiting for!

Get the inside scoop and find out how I have completely turned my life around and created a thriving business and life I love!

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