I hate to admit it because I Love to think I’m better than that…………………. I’m the sort of person who practices 100% responsibility… I know I create my reality………….. I know that I control my destiny and ALL of my actions have a result…………….. And if I change my action I change the result… And yes I know that’s true!

BUT… Ohhhhhh god it feels SO good to to blame!

**** **** ****

You know who I love to blame the most?

**** **** ****

My husband. Because it’s easy!

I blame him when I eat too much chocolate…

Because he went to the shop to buy it

I blame him when I’m unhappy with the cold..

Because I left the tropics to live with him in this country

I blame him at the most random times just because oh my god it feels SO good to blame!

**** **** ****

Feels so good to say it wasn’t me…!!!!!!

**** **** ****

To say yes it’s me… BUT I KNOW YOU….!!!!

Yes I take responsibility… BUT IF ONLY YOU HAD HAVE…..

Yes I know I chose to do this… BUT YOU DID THAT!



And know I think of it… you know what?!!!!!

If you hadn’t… I never would have……..

and blah blah blah the list goes on.

**** **** ****

But none of it’s real.

**** **** ****

None of it’s true.

**** **** ****

And it may be a weakness of mine…

To be honest, I am not blaming all day every day.

I am being a little dramatic

But I do admit it is an impulse of mine…

It definitely happens time to time!

**** **** ****

That no matter how much I KNOW I create my reality

It feels SO good to blame sometimes.

And how crazy is that?

**** **** ****

When you notice yourself blaming other people…

Listen to yourself.

Even if it is happening and you feel it…


Because this isn’t a real thing.

**** **** ****


**** **** ****

And that’s a great thing!

If it wasn’t your fault….

Then you really would have no control…

When it’s not your fault and someone elses…

Then you play the victim

You become the victim. You ARE the victim.

And life just happens to you and there is NOTHING you can do.

Well no!

That’s just not true!

**** **** ****

There is ALWAYS something you can do!

**** **** ****

Your actions, thoughts, the vibe you give out….

It all creates a RE-ACTION.

Everything is just a mirror to you.

Every single thing, no matter how unrelated it seems IS ALL FROM YOU

**** **** ****

And I know this from my


**** **** ****

I have worked with thousands of people by now…

Helping them clear energetic blocks through Deep Healing and EFT….

Reprogram their subconscious, heal their pain, overcome childhood trauma and sadness…

All that sort of stuff that gets in the way of people’s success…


When a person lets go of their end of the rope…

In a fight..

Or whatever the situation…

The other person, or people… or the situation… it always changes too.

**** **** ****

One client could not get a job for over a year…

And it seemed so definite. Like there was nothing you could change.

People weren’t calling her back. No one was hiring apparently.

After 1 session going into the real fear she had, and the real block that was going on..

All of a sudden, as if by magic people started calling her and within days she got a great job.

**** **** ****

Another client was in a major fight with his recent ex.

He was hurt and upset and so was she.

Apparently he had said something that really hurt her and he thought she took it out of context so he was hurt too because he didn’t mean to hurt her… But then she was lashing out!

And he was sad that the relationship ended the way it did.

After 1 session, working through forgiveness and processing anger, and beliefs about how relationships work…

**** **** ****

She called him the next day to apologize.

**** **** ****

Out of the blue!

She hadn’t spoken to him for THREE MONTHS… And the next day with no prompting, no contact, nothing except him being guided to change his energetics (emotions and beliefs)…..

She called him and they were able to clear the air.

See how that seems completely unrelated… Psychic even.

Because that’s how crazy this mother fucking world is!!!

That’s how crazy it is!

**** **** ****

We are ALL connected through the superconscious.

(the one mind that WE ARE)

So yes your actions matter…

And so do your thoughts and feelings.

Every time you have an issue….

Guess WHAT?!

Do your inner work FIRST… and then take action


**** **** ****

Do your inner work first…

And then from that new vibration AND that new place of clarity – the action you will take will get you the results you want.

And this is why I laugh at myself so much when I love to blame my husband for these little things… or whoever else I have blamed along the way…

Because it is ALL me.

My Universe literally revolves around me

Just as your Universe revolves around YOU….

Did you know that you will only ever have an experience that you have a matching pattern to? As in, a set of beliefs you already hold?

A matching pattern can be the same or opposite.

**** **** ****

So if you are someone that keeps getting in relationships with a person who lies to you…

It doesn’t necessarily mean you are a liar (although it could – that’s one way to match)

It could also be from an expectation and/or a fear that people will lie to you…

Which would have began when you were young from experiencing some sort of broken trust.

From then on you attract people who lie.

**** **** ****

And you even bring it out in people who only lie sometimes.

They would lie to you too.

They wouldn’t be able to help it – we are that linked!

**** **** ****


And this is why I am so passionate about this work

I am happy to say I am good at a lot of things (even though when I was younger I would NOT have believed that it is true)…

**** **** ****

But my true genius lies in working with your sub-conscious mind and energy body to literally change any situation in your life, almost as if by magic.

And it’s not magic. It can take time and commitment for real life long change…

But it has real long lasting effects.

**** **** ****

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**** **** ****

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