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Does This Resonate With You?

Likely you are here because you want to live a really amazing life and are NOT willing to settle like so many others have before you…

You have your own business, or you want to…

And you are just so sick of going up and down in your results.

Sometimes your on top, and other times it feels like it’s taking FOREVER!

One thing is for sure, you know that what you want IS possible, and you are determined to get it.

Hell, you even demand it! But how?

You spend so much time trying to make things work…


You have this underlying anxiety that lies there under the surface…

Maybe it is a knot or a sinking feeling in your heart when you think of what you want…

Or perhaps you get belly aches or headaches, or some sort of painful ache that keeps coming back!

And you think it’s unrelated… But guess what sweetheart – it is TOTALLY CONNECTED!

Or maybe you lock yourself away sometimes, worried about what people will think…

Worried what strangers will think – will they judge you?

Worried what your spouse will think… All this worry!

Now don’t get me wrong – I KNOW you’re a positive person…

You believe in the power of a positive attitude…

You love to work on your passions, or dream about them at least…

And you are making progress…

Except you wish it was easier and made more sense.

Whatever is happening for you…

There IS a persistent fear or doubt under the surface…

And being so positive, you’ve gotten good at ignoring it, or working through it…

But if it’s there, then it’s creating in the background…

MIS-creating what you don’t want.

Rather than being scared of the darkness (your negative feelings)

Learn how to look it in the face and with the magic of this work…

Very literally – you turn it into LIGHT (positivity, confidence, motivation, inspiration, ACTION!)

Wouldn’t that be better?

Can you imagine just HOW MUCH things will change when you have the driving force of your positive emotions at your back, supporting you, cheering kind words in the back of your mind, instead of nasty quips that speak of your defeat?

You deserve this darling…

To be loved by yourself… Encouraged and supported!

To attract opportunities that weren’t there before…

Well they WERE but you can’t see them right now!

As soon as you clear up the emotional baggage you probably THINK you don’t have…

(but on this Earth so far, we ALL DO!)

Everything will start flowing.

Tough decisions will be easier.

Big life changes will feel natural and not so scary…

And you WILL move in the right direction.

I’ve seen it thousands of times.

I’m a living testament to it -and so are my clients!

And this is why I’m compelled to create this content.

When you download this online digital program, you will get access to an amazing super series that absolutely BLEW PEOPLE AWAY…

It was so high energy and people went from stuck to high energy, drab to absolutely fab, and confused to immense clarity…

And money, clients, joy, opportunities AND health ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS follow these states of being. It’s just how it is!

Choosing To Join Us Will Change Your Life…


I started working with Kai Ashley a mere two weeks ago and I have already had some HUGE shifts/feelings regarding Money, My Business and Life! I have never done EFT like this before, it has been nothing short of AMAZING!!

Jyll Hoyrup

Kai, thank you! I have really shifted my reality! You are a hell of a badass healer!… Thank you for everything you did for me, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I’ve got my dream job, while building my biz! Hell, I have even connected to a Mastermind too!

Rafaela Almeida

This Is For You If You Want:

More ease and flow in your life so your life & biz becomes more fun and full of joy

To make a quantum leap in your life and biz without spending a fortune on marketing

To create a success mindset that is a magnet to awesome ideas and opportunities

To overcome negative thinking and the underlying anxiety that erodes your positive outlook

To raise your vibration and become a match to money, abundance, clients and great luck!

To use one of the most effective tools for reprogramming your sub-conscious and energy body

I bet you’re thinking…

You’ve tried so many things, and want something that finally REALLY works for you… Every person who follows this program as instructed gets beyond AMAZING RESULTS – and you will too!

You want someone to walk you through a strategy… And I get that! But a strategy is only as good as the person using it. When you do THIS WORK – the money, clients and strategies will easily fall into place!

If you are ready for transformation – this is it!

I bet you’re thinking…

You’ve tried so many things, and want something that finally REALLY works for you… Every person who follows this program as instructed gets beyond AMAZING RESULTS – and you will too!

You want someone to walk you through a strategy… And I get that! But a strategy is only as good as the person using it. When you do THIS WORK – the money, clients and strategies will easily fall into place!

If you are ready for transformation – this is it!

I’ve already talked about this woman Kai Ashley who inspires MANY MANY people and is definitely one of the best healers in The World. NO JOKE. She makes you go diving deep to walk through a lo of emotional processes so YOU ARE changing your life.

And as you know I am the lucky one who won the only free spot in her program Crack The Coaching Code – Feeling very blessed everyday.

If YOU have the desires to become a coach or do you have another goal to serve your clients but you have blocks and need to change that… She offers some amazing programs AND ON TOP OF THAT! You will meet many people Worldwide to share your process with. IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

GO GO GO!! IF I deserve to live life to the fullest, so do you!

Samira El-Yahyaoui

Kai-Queen of Healing Badassery-Ashley:

This is my personal thank you note!

Your EFT session is a VERY SUPERCHARGED MEGA TURBO tool for healing money blocks.

I was poor and living like hell. I was doing a shitload of online healing work – and yours seems to be the best!

Now I’m P-R-O-S-P-E-R-O-U-S!

Thank you for being there for me.
You believed in me.
I’ve did it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Rafaela Almeida

What Makes This Program SO Special?

‘Empower Your Money Story’ is so powerful because it uses Deep EFT Tapping ‘Kai’s way’. (Affectionately called this by dozens of Kai’s long term clients and followers).

Not only do you reprogram your thinking, but you release a life time of negative energy, trauma and completely demolish limiting beliefs that have been holding you back since you were a child!

Even if EFT hasn’t worked for you before, this WILL. Combined with Emotional Alchemy Breathwork and Healing Visualization, it is impossible not to get a result when you follow along!

I made a sale one hour after our call, Kai!

Jenna Brockmuller

I have to say, since doing the live healing in this program my digestive issues that I thought were down to lactose intolerance have almost completely gone. I’m amazed. I knew my issues were causing physical manifestations – but not to this degree!

SaraJayne Duchemin

'Empower Your Money & Uplift Your Life' Super Series Will Help You To:

Instantly Uplevel In Your Life, Business & Success!

This is deep reprogramming that actually works! This healing has a tendency to ‘go where it’s needed’. You will experience deep shifts in how you FEEL about yourself and things will very quickly begin to change in The World around you!

Release Old Fears That Hold You Back From Getting What You Want

You fears are controlling your life and no matter how positive you try to be… If you have a deep rooted fear that was put there as a child, you will continue to sabotage and create situations with people that ensure you will never get what you want. It is impossible to simultaneously fear something happening at a deep level AND create it at the same time. You must remove that fear to move forward in your life!

Feel Energized In A Way That You Have Never Experienced Before!

Many participants reported fresh new waves of energy, epic amounts of creativity, flow, happiness, giddiness and the ability to make new decisions that affect their entire lives in a really positive way

More Money, More Opportunities, More Flow!

Yes! Amazing things will happen in your life…And although it is different for everyone… The common factor is that EVERY PERSON who shows up and does the work has some sort of phenomenal life altering events happen soon after… This really is a program I am very proud of and I can’t wait to share it with you!

So, What Will You Get?

Get ALL NINE Powerful Deep EFT Healings, Kai's Way!

Kai Ashley’s healings are known to be one of the most powerful methods for transformation on Earth! Time and time again, people who try this work say that this is The MOST powerful thing they have ever done! Kai is known to get results often where nothing else has worked.

She is a true healer, as she has healed herself from deep pain, an abusive childhood, THREE chronic illnesses, one which almost killed her AND she has left her deep seated social anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the past! More so, she has elevated her money mindset, launched herself a top coach. She has a thriving community of amazing people that she adores and are greatly empowered and transformed by her work! She has moved mountains in her life…

And now you can too. Learn from the best, to be the best that YOU can be! Pre-order your Empower Your Money & Uplift Your Life Super Series NOW so you can release hidden blocks, transform your energy, raise your vibration, love your life and feel empowered around money and anything else that is important to you!

Is That All..? How About Some Bonuses?

Empower Your Money Workbook

So you can raise your money consciousness, overcome damaging money beliefs that destroy your success and build new beliefs that support and nurture your wealth for the rest of your life!

Take full advantage of your 9 Empower Your Money & Uplift Your Life Money Healings by using this workbook as you go. More so, you will have a record of the amazing shifts and transformations that happen within a very short period of time!


Empower Your Millionaire Mind Healing Visualization

So you go right to the very core of your sub-conscious mind and change your beliefs about money, wealth, guilt and greed, so you can feel FREE and able to live the life you really want to lead!

This is Kai’s very special unique method that harnesses the power of The Universe, and sends healing, pure energy into your body to release the trauma and negative program that has been held there for lifetimes!

Daily Money Manifestation For Winners

So you can tune into the champion within you and tune yourself to win, to receive, to be creative and to ultimately become RICH!

This is a simple visualization, that is imbued with rich symbolism and positive money programming! Add this into your routine every day for at least 8 weeks to see powerful shifts in the world around you!


What’s so good about EFT and all this tapping, then?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (when done well) has been scientifically proven to significantly increase positive emotions, such as hope and enjoyment, and decreased negative emotional states like anger and shame.

There are immense benefits in using this energy psychology for anxiety, depression, weight loss, PTSD, phobias, athletic performance, cravings, pain, and more.

Dr Mercola’s website describes review published in the American Psychological Association’s journal found that EFT “consistently demonstrated strong effect sizes and other positive statistical results that far exceed chance after relatively few treatment sessions”

I have just had the most liberating healing session EVER. I feel light, abundant and free. My anxiety barely registers, the panic attacks I had almost daily have evaporated. The ball of panic and fear that used to sit in my stomach no longer exists. The 10 years of emotional trauma are now a memory, part of my past.

I’ve worked with Kai Ashley several times over the last years and each time my life is TRANSFORMED! She is such a gifted healer and I am proud to call her a friend too. 

Whatever you have going on in your life, Kai can help… There’s a reason I keep going back to Kai’s stuff – THIS SH*T WORKS! And of all the EFT I have used, what takes other healers HOURS, Kai gives stronger, lasting results in half time.

Want results fast, drop her a message (say Jenny sent you – she’ll know!) Don’t be scared – step into your dreams today!

Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond

Kai is really good at specifically locating the points of pain, looking at them and not trying to change them or fix them [which makes the issue stuck]. She is really good at shining the light on it and literally and physically shining the light into your body, then the blocks gradually dissolve. I’ve got a lot more money.

I now have $3000 just chillin’, which I don’t need to spend on anything. It’s funny cos I don’t really know where it’s coming from [it felt so natural] – I’m working a lot more, I am doing awesome things with women that I love and am totally inspired by. I’m doing graphic design and I’m doing coaching and writing and I’m getting 40,000 views on things I write… And I redid my website and I’m really happy!

The biggest thing is that I used to be tortured. It showed up in my life. I would stress about getting paid more but now I am letting it happen and I am getting paid more! It’s like this faith that I have, whereas before there was panic. It’s an actual bodily reaction.

Like, I’ve done so much stuff with my mind, I can see one of the reasons it worked really well, me coming into The Vibrant Success Club because I could see a lot of where I was scared and where I pulled back, but I had no idea what to do with it. Kai worked really well showing those things love, which I could not do. I just wished it would get out of me!

I didn’t want to have a panic attacks at a store check out and I wouldn’t have been able to have this conversation now But I can have these kind of conversations with my bosses and with my clients now and can feel good – so yeah. I highly recommend working with her.

Louisa J West

I can actually put a price on my services and stand behind my price without the shame! That’s the number 1 thing. There is no shame in receiving money!

I am very excited to see even more breakthroughs, I’ve already had so many and I know I will have many more as I continue to work with Kai. I am so happy and grateful for meeting you, Kai. It is a true blessing and I would say a miracle because I was looking for this stuff for a long long time.

Karen Martushev

I’m feeling A WHOLE LOT MORE VIBRANT! And a whole lot more successful since joining!

The ways in which I feel more vibrant and successful are: I’m attracting all these amazing work opportunities that I just didn’t know even existed before I started doing this work with Kai. And I found this calling with my work, which had been a problem for me for years – and I had been stuck figuring out what I was going to do with my life – or at least my work life.

I was stuck with that for years. Now it feels like it is all shifting into place. I feel more aligned with my true essence and my true purpose. I also operate a few businesses. Doing this work with Kai has helped me to discuss my prices with clients with a lot more ease and a lot more confidence. It’s gotten rid of a lot of awkwardness, limitations and weird feelings around money that I used to have.

So Kai is super amazing. She is really warm and supportive, but she’ll also kick your butt if she needs to, to get you to do the work. Which I think is really important in a coach. It works for me anyway! Since doing the work with Kai, I have started activating a lot of things in my life.

I am focusing more on one of my businesses to generate more income, and it’s really working! I am contacting clients with confidence. I am seeking out leads and sending people emails and quoting prices left right and centre. Before it was hard because I didn’t know to anything – I just didn’t trust myself.

I had all this emotional stuff in the way. But now it is clearing and there is space for opportunities to come into my life, where there wasn’t space before because there were all these beliefs in the way. I am really grateful for the work I have been doing with Kai because it is completely transforming my life.

Not only professionally but also personally. I just don’t care what people think of me and that’s really liberating because that can be seen in my business. And I can reach out to people more easily. And I can make more friends. I just have such a feeling of freedom in my life that I never had before.

So if you’re thinking of joining…I would definitely, definitely recommend it – it is changing my life!

Gemma White

I’ve been working with Kai-Ashley from The Vibrant Success Club and it’s made a massive difference to me – I was absolutely stuck around money and debt.

I felt ashamed, embarrassed and full of fear. I was just stuck. So within 4 days of working with her materials online I had finally started to do my tax return [which I had put off for such a long time even though they owed me money].

Things have got better and better since then. The tax return money came back and I just feel very, very different. I’ve tapped before so it’s not something that’s new to me but I had never specifically tapped on money and mainly I had worked by myself.

I also worked one to one with her which is amazing. She is one of these people – watch out World! She really is a star. When she’s working she’s kind of illuminated. She’s wonderful.

She is passionate, she’s hard working, she loves what she does. But she’s also tender and tough at the same time because she sets challenges for you and you make sure that you meet them.

So yep, I am happy to endorse Kai and I am looking forward to keeping on working with her. And I wish her lots and lots of success. Thank you!

I started to talk to people about the debt I was in and after 4 days this led to people just giving me money…

Alison Perry

Plus, Get This!!!

Success & The Gratitude Zone

Act now to get instant access… I am throwing in this amazing transformational mini-program that will instantly shift your vibration and help you become a match to your desires! Even if you know all about Gratitude and The Law of Attraction, there will be some surprising ideas in here… Plus two amazing gratitude meditation exercises that you won’t find anywhere else!

This is a $147 program and today, I am throwing it in for FREE – just because I want to give you great value, but also to bribe you because I deeply and completely believe that everyone in my community need this work! 

I’m giving The Gratitude Zone to you as a FREE BONUS!

Ready To Step Up & Say YES To Your Destiny?

Ready For Amazing Opportunities To Fly In??

The amazing thing about this program is that it works with your energy body, your beliefs, and YOU as a person. This program really IS all about YOU, sweetheart…

Rather than being a strategy that might be hit or miss… This is a Deep Healing process that removes deep blocks. You know you have a block if you can look at your life and see it is less than perfect – YES WE ALL HAVE THEM. And I’m not saying your life has to be perfect, but it can be wonderful, glorious, fun, free, RICH and abundant!

How does that sound?

How would your life improve if you felt completely confident about being seen on video or talking in front of a crowd?

Would it be easier to take action if you felt motivated and charged full of energy and inspiration to work on your biz or ask for that promotion?

What if you truly actually and really BELIEVED and KNEW and EXPECTED that of course money was on its way? 

Can you see how life would change for you? It really does!

This is why I recommend this program with all my heart and soul.


Grab your copy now, and as an added bonus IF you want, you can do it as designed and get a BONUS 1:1 VIP session with me, valued at $600… OR you can take you time and do it over a few weeks – it’s up to you!

So what do you say??

Fast action takers always get the best results – and this is just a fact.

If you are getting a YES and nodding your head, then go ahead and click the button below and join us…

If it’s a no, and you don’t resonate with my style, or you just aren’t sure then it’s OK too…

BUT if you ARE getting yes – say YES! And join us today xo

Watch These Videos To See Just Some Of What’s Possible For You Too!

This Is Right For You If:

You are a leader, entrepreneur, author, or artist

Who has big dreams AND is smart enough to know the value of personal development work so you invest in yourself wisely with mentors who help to accelerate your success

You are open to the idea that YOU control your reality

o rather than sitting back and blaming The World you choose to step up and take action so you can change your own life on your own terms!

You are choosing  to DO the work in this program

Because if you never try it, you will never know what all the fuss is about, and you KNOW amazing quantum leaps are possible so you want to experience these incredible results for yourself too!

You like powerful experiences

That shake up your perspective and can change your life in an instant… That’s what this will do for you, just like hundreds of my students who have gotten amazing results as well!

Take It From One Of The Greats!

Jim Rohn was all about personal development and working on yourself FIRST…

As is Tony Robbins, myself and many other top coaches who are known to get RESULTS!

So the question is…

Is your future important enough to take time out from mis-creating and chasing strategies to DO what actually WORKS?

It may sound like a trick question – but sweetheart, some people just don’t get it.

But WE do, don’t we?!

Join me, my community and fellow clients for lifetime transformation…


Click the button below to get your instant access now!