The interesting thing about money blocks is that most of them really aren’t about money itself at all!

“Whatcha talkin’ about Kai – you be crazy?!”

I hear ya… That seems like an oxi-moron but it’s true.

Think of it like this:

Imagine you’re a young kid and you try something with all your  might but you get it wrong and EVERYBODY laughs at you and calls you names.

Lets take it a step further and imagine they call you mean names and bring it up all of the time.

Realize how impressionable we are as children – our personality is literally being programmed in!

What do you think would happen – would you feel more creative or less?

Would you trust people to accept you and respect you?

Or would your nervous system be set up to shy away from the painful blows of judgement?

Yep. The feelings you feel today – they are VERY familiar, aren’t they?

You’ve been feeling them for a long long time…

Moreso, you have this energy about you that just feels like YOU.

For many there is a nervous energy and a shyness, or a mistrusting energy.

This is why we tap. To release that trapped energy so you can get your life force back and trust again

When you forgive and move on you become more creative.


Money Is A Value Based Energy

When you are confident people will naturally be attracted to you

And ALL money comes from people, doesn’t it? 

If you don’t think it is safe to have people around you on some level – then of course you won’t want to be confident!

Money is a system that rewards the value you bring to another person.

If your nervous system is set up to be attacked by people,

then you won’t be expecting them to see you as valuable

so you won’t create much value to share.

This is why it is essential to release these old pains,

until you do, you will continue to repeat the cycle.

But the good news is – it can be overcome!

SO, without further ado – go ahead and follow along the EFT Tapping below:


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Your Video, EFT To Attract Money: Increase Your Confidence & Overcome Feeling Not Good Enough

Remember, it won’t make sense if you just watch it – you MUST follow it.

And give it your all – match my tone, exaggerate like I do, breathe when I do and just do it MY WAY!

(I love being a boss lady hehehe)

You ready to tune in, tap on and make magic happen?

Make sure to let me know how this experience is for you!

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