No matter what anyone tells you

Don’t give up.

No matter how hard it seems at times, or unsure you are

Don’t give up.

Stop listening to people who tell you that you can’t do it

Don’t give up.

Keep going even if you’re work is slow and you totally suck at what you do right now

Don’t give up.

Get better at what you do a little each day and eventually you will become great

Don’t give up.

Stretch your success mindset and work your success muscle by pushing yourself TWICE after you feel like stopping.

Don’t give up.

Know that no matter what you are going through right now CAN be overcome and WILL be overcome if you keep telling yourself that it CAN be overcome

Don’t give up

Stop using negative language such as it will never work out because that only becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

Don’t give up

Stop being so hard on yourself emotionally. Beating up on yourself only slows your progress down.

Don’t give up

Stop being so easy on yourself success wise. Fucking about and not paying attention to what is really important to you will only delay your success so much you could lose faith in yourself.

Don’t give up

Know and understand that anyone can reach great levels if success, but only if they…

Don’t give up.

So don’t give up on yourself.

Don’t give up on your dream

DO GIVE UP listening to other people that say you will fail

DO GIVE UP fear of losing someone for becoming a better version of you – You will never be truly happy unless you allow yourself to progress – it is a human need.

DO GIVE UP false ideas that says that you are not great or are born to fail.. It’s all just conditioning and when you do the INNER WORK you will make great leaps and bound in your business and life!

I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. Whatever you REALLY want and decide to have, you can create it.

So don’t give up. Keep going. Focus on what you want. Invest in yourself so you can become a better version of you. Focus on the value you can give and solve problems for people who pay you….

And don’t give up.

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Success takes a powerful vision, a strong decision and ultimate consistency.

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Don’t be a pussy and give up or stop or slow down TOO much.

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