You do not charge what you’re worth because you’re fucking priceless.
Charging what you’re worth is such a cliche and not in the good way. You are not charging for your worth because your worth has nothing to do with money.
Repeat after me: I am worthy as I am no matter what!
Seriously you are. We get it mixed up. We believe that having money makes us more worthy. It’s true that FEELING worthy makes you more money. But your worth is inherent. It’s within you.
You may not be able to see it. You may not be able to know it right now. But it’s in there. And it’s a choice.
Mind you – it’s programmed in pretty fucking deep.
So the choice, really – is to tap. Tap out the programs that tell you you are unworthy and unwanted. Tap away the parts that say you’re not good enough.
For as long as they are there you will not feel creative. And when you don’t feel creative – you feel like you have nothing to give – so you don’t give. When you don’t create and give then you have nothing to offer people When you have nothing to offer others, you have nothing to sell.
Time, services, products, nada. OK maybe time, but even then it will be low value time.
See the vicious cycle? It really isn’t that you get paid your worth. It’s that you get paid for what you can give. And furthermore, you get paid for the problems you solve. That’s it. So when you FEEL unworthy, judged, scared, uncreative….
You don’t create! You shrink back, you procrastinate.
You might even have a lot of good ideas! But then you procrastinate.
You let it slip by, as you sit in fear, or check out, numb out in some way like I have a million fucking times in the past… And it crippled me.
Like I’m sure it has you as well.
So when you’re ready to step up and step into your power. So you can create, give, feel and BE worthy in your own eyes… Then you gotta tap. It really is a must.
I mean, people have been stuck for how many centuries or millenia? And we all KNOW the consensus is that we are broken and can’t be fixed
But that’s not true. Tapping is the single most powerful tool for change I have come across. Especially the way I do it. And that’s not bragging, its just a fact.
Every day, including today I get messages, comments and posts telling me how my tapping radically changes people’s lives. It’s radical. And it’s amazing and heartwarming and exciting and fun!
And this isn’t just for me – I’m talking about the people who follow my videos! Because it is uplifting! And it changes what you believe to be possible. It uplifts your energy and cleanses your soul. It’s beautiful.
And I would love to share this with you.
If you are ready to feel uplifted, to KNOW your worth so you can make great money and free yourself from the prison of ‘not being good enough’ (which I used to live in all of the time) — then send me a message or book yourself a time on my calendar here.
I have some exciting things happening – they will blow your mind.
Like for real!
So don’t delay. Not for me.. No, I’m not saying this part for me. This is for you. Because I know you are ready for more. You have been looking for that solution…. Signing up to different programs and webinars. But still, you are scared. Stuck, worried. Frozen. Going at turtle speed.
It doesn’t have to be that way and nor should it.
I have 2 spots open for private clients and that’s it right now.
If you want to be one of the smart healers, coaches or purpose driven entrepreneurs who claims your right to be worthy, your right to love yourself, your right to step up and lead!
Then send me a message below. We’ll hop on Skype.
I’ll find out what you want. We’ll chat about your blocks and I’ll help you get super clear.
Then I’ll help you right there and then with clarity, and an actual plan you can take away. So no matter what, I’ve given you value.
Then if it’s a good fit for both of us – I can make a recommendation
Send me a message now or book a time if you know you want one of those spots, or your curious and think you might.
Remember, you are powerful BEYOND all measure!

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