What if you could raise your prices and you KNEW that your ideal clients would pay it – would you do it?
What’s stopping you?
Have you ever really felt into WHY you charge the amount you do?
Now believe me, I am NOT saying to just willy nilly go and raise your prices – that can be very damaging for your business if you are not in alignment.
How do you know if you are in alignment with your prices?
It’s simple.
You know you’re in alignment when you can close your eyes and easily imagine them saying yes, paying you the money and get good results –
AND it is essential that you also feel an uplifted yes feeling – so you can easily, or even spontaneously start nodding your head and say YES, they will pay that, and I will deserve it.
It really is as ‘easy’ as that.
Yet it’s not easy… Not in a click your fingers and it happens type of way.
I have tapped into a method that has helped me to double, triple and quadruple my earlier prices. And all within a matter of 9 months.
About a year and a half ago I remember being so unsure of my prices. I was so unsure of me and my value. I was NOT in alignment with my prices – so I was always chopping and changing them.
I never felt really sure and that is why it was SO hard for me to make sales and acquire amazing clients.
It wasn’t until I got so fed up with the uncertainty that I went back to basics and found the true price I was aligned with – which was actually REALLY SMALL….
But guess what? In the beginning, charging a smaller amount helped me book my calendar full and create massive momentum in my business – because the price felt fair to me.
As I got my glowing testimonials, my self-worth and perception of my work’s value began to elevate and THAT’S when I began to raise my prices. In some ways it felt like it was a slow process – but it really was only months – certainly way less than a year!
There are strategies I will share in upcoming posts, but I what I really want you to understand is how no strategy or calculation or even guess will work for you. Even if you are already charging thousands,
I bet a part of you would love to charge more. It’s OK if not, but if you do – read on.
It is all in your imagination. But I mean literally. Your imagination is the most powerful tool in The Universe.
Your imagination is what turns thought into reality. It really is!
And I know this because every single time I have a block, I bring up the negative in my imagination — in a conscious way — so that rather than dwelling on or ignoring it, I face it head on…
I discover what I REALLY think and feel under the surface. And then very QUICKLY I change the image. But you can’t force it to change – there is a certain art to it!
It’s all about meeting the image where it is and then bringing other things in. It is VERY much about using your breathwork to help you relax towards the feelings.
You do not let them go outwards – you relax towards them and let them go INTO your body and towards your heart. Think of this like embracing the feelings.
As soon as your heart touches the negative energy it dissolves it and turns it into light/positive emotion. You can FEEL it.
But you mustn’t try to change the emotion, that is why your fear gets stuck and you go into self-sabotage. When you learn how to work with your emotions and your imagination like this – you can very quickly change your set point of ALL the goodness you will allow into your life.
This is why I want to do a free training on this – to teach you what I know and use, but most people don’t. I’m not trying to sound arrogant, it’s simply what I’m seeing.
There is a desperate need for the amazing leaders of this planet to learn how to master their emotions like this and raise their own wealth vibration. And I want to help you do that!
What do you think, do you want me to do a free training on this subject? Send me a message if you do! And if there is enough interest I will set one up for a few days time.