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Kai Ashley is one of The World’s leading experts in healing and transformation. She helps ambitious, heart centered entrepreneurs to blast through all blocks to raise their income and create immense success in their lives.

Kai has an intuitive talent for getting to the heart of every issue and is an expert of discovering and overcoming blocks. An empath, advanced EFT Practitioner, Success Coach, Reiki Master and gifted with intuitive abilities, Kai has an innate talent for healing, manifestation, creating success and bringing out the incredible in her clients.

Kai is known to get amazing results often where nothing else has worked. She uses a mix of laser coaching, deep healing, mindset and inspired action taking to that gets results.

A World traveler and online leader who runs online programs, as well as in person workshops and retreats in beautiful locations around The World, she is a speaker, luminary and leader who believes that every person has an incredible power within.

My Testament To What’s Possible For Us All

Below you can read  my personal life stories if you want. There’s a lot of it – so won’t be for everyone! But if you want to know me better and get validation that you too can overcome your struggles then it’s there for you to look through. I share a lot about my journey and all my imperfections!

I believe my life is a shining light for what is *really* possible no matter who you are or how much you have left to heal. If I can change into who I am now and get through all those struggles loving life more than ever before, then you can too!   With Love and Light Kai-Ashley

If you still want more, Kai makes it a practice to write personal stories of her past, as she used to have a fear of being seen and poorly judged that held her back.

Sharing her story has been empowering for her and helpful for many of her clients and followers.

If you feel called, you can read more stories about her personal journey, outlook, struggles and how she overcame them – plus see some cool pics of her worldwide adventures below….


Transforming Anxiety & Overcoming Painful Childhood & My Old Fear Of Being Seeing

My Super Personal Story…

Written January 2016 About: Chronic Anxiety       Chronic illness       Being unlikable My epiphany at 22                Admissions about my younger self My financial crisis                My life mission

Hi Gorgeous,

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I used to be scared to share my personal story. As I have grown I am accepting myself more and more. I now I realize how important it is to be transparent, even though I have been quite a wild child in my life! (I always followed my heart for good or for bad) – I believe by sharing these parts of my story I will attract my tribe and soul family, but also will help those who need it to realize that even the most F**ked up person can overcome their challenges and create the life they want… So here is the official personal bio below:

Life hasn’t always been easy for me. I committed myself to personal development and transformation about 12 years ago when I realized I was on a path of self-destruction. You would NOT recognize me as the same person today from who I was 10 and 15 years ago, personality wise. Not only have I overcome terrible habits such as compulsive lying, cheating and stealing (in my teenage years and up until 22 when I had the epiphany that changed my life). I have released chronic social anxiety that caused me to be quite unlikable!

Even though I was outwardly an extrovert, I was immensely scared of people and how they would treat me. Growing up I had massive bullying. For years I would run home crying and eventually I became wild and disconnected. I put up a lot of walls and became quite cynical until my life changed at 22.

That was when I started to live life to learn and grow. Because I hated school, I always thought I was kinda dumb. They never taught me how to learn, but one day it clicked. Now I am completely different. I am kind, radically honest, happy,, calm and confident in my abilities too. It is such a life long journey, there is always more ways we can heal and grow, which is really exciting to me! So I share with others how to move through self-love and self-worth issues (which underline EVERYTHING IN LIFE) and help them to best version they can be too.

And I have had a lot to heal from! Physically, I have healed myself from 2 separate chronic illnesses – chronic fatigue and a lung disease that almost killed me! Both were without the help of western medicine, using practices I teach my clients today. Not only this but I has overcome mild PTSD that use to get me into massive fights in my younger years and do crazy things like lock myself in closets to get away from the confrontation… While still screaming through them. That seems like a lifetime ago. That energy is no longer with me.

Not only that, but around 18 – 22 I also had an unconscious eating disorder of crash dieting/starving/binge eating. But I made the decision not to ever diet/starve myself again and began that process too. I have had ups and downs and have really valued learning from extremism as a tool for growth. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it but it has worked for me. I believe I have lived life like this to get to know it intimately, to understand it on a deeper level and so ultimately – you don’t have to. I have a great understand and also wisdom on many life issues and how to overcome them. Because I have ‘been there, done that’ for many things!

So I KNOW what it’s like to have issues! I knows how to heal from physical, mental and sexual abuse because I have done that too. And even though many of my clients are well balanced, quite a few of them have had rocky upbringings. Many amazing healers have. It’s how we learn how to heal. A good friend once told me – the greater the gifts to be shared, the greater challenges you have to overcome.

I loves helping other sensitive empaths and open hearted people to heal from their trauma too, but I’m not satisfied to stop there. My tribe are the people who want to take their lives to the next level, help people on a global level and make The World a better place. Client’s of mine have called me ‘The Unlocker of The Human’s Soul’ and ‘The Gatekeeper of Potential.’ because I have this innate ability in guiding my clients through powerful processes that change their lives forever. For this, I remains forever grateful.

It actually took me a long time to ‘admit’ to see, and accept I had something to offer… I used to believe I only had my looks and sexuality going for me. I didn’t value myself, I was scared of people and their judgement and my body was full of trapped energy from past trauma and loneliness. Back when I left The States and took up healing full time it was a hard transition for me. I had a lot to learn, but also a lot to offer. But even when I didn’t believe in myself – I believed that ONE DAY I WOULD. And that kept me going, kept me trying. Even when I tried and failed so many times – I kept going forward towards my dreams of being a luminary helping thousands of wonderful people who also have a need to be better and make the world better too.

I was born and raised in Australia, but left to travel in 2008 and never looked back. I became a ‘San Franciscan Transplant’ and adopted the city as my home. Here I finally found a place where I could be accepted in all my weird and wonderful ways and this is where much of my mistakes, lessons and learning happened. It was an incredible and long action packed 4 years.

Half way through my time there, I needed to heal – desperately. And this where I found and trained in The Emotional Freedom Technique under Sonya Sophia. She has a spiritual style of EFT, which I’ve intuitively expanded on to create what I am often told by expert tappers is a unique and extra powerful style of EFT.

I left San Francisco late 2012 to live in SE Asia and met my husband in a bar named Eden in Paradise by the beach. I have since relocated to England, which was a hard step for me – but important. In 2014 my husband and I had a massive financial crises and really tried to out run it, but it all caught up with them. This was an incredibly hard time, but forced me to face my spending habits and work through my money blocks.

As with the rest of my past, I share with my clients the amazing breakthroughs I’ve learned and discovered. Even though I always had a talent for helping my clients remove money blocks by using a strong foundation of self-love, it truly has become second nature for me.

My Philosophy And Amazing Journey Called Life

Written: ? 2015

About: How EFT saved me       How transformation works

Hi Sunshine!

Here is more about me and my philosophy, personally in my own words. More pictures too!

I have been the ultimate free spirit. I have traveled since 2008, lived in San Francisco for 4 of those years where I traveled loads within the states including living at Black Rock City 3 times (aka Burning Man). That was all great. But guess what? I made a lot of poor decisions! It was like flipping a coin. I was addicted to the adventure and the thrill.

This meant I got tons of experience! I have been an experimenter. I love to dissect each experience and see where it went wrong, how it went right and how I can do better next time. This has helped me become the most understanding, non-judgmental person. I know our power to heal and transform! So you can tell me any secret and I will have compassion for you and most likely some experience in the area too – I guess you could say I have skeletons in my closet, but the closet isn’t really locked!

Kai Tapping22You know, I’m super passionate about EFT, breathwork, goal getting and all the other amazing things I use in my teachings. It gives my goose bumps, I get teary eyed every time I talk about it because the way it’s helped me and also my clients is such a blessing (and here I go!). Because it saved me as a person. It released me from a prison of anger and doubt. It helped me free myself from social anxiety that had kept me stuck (yep and the tears of gratitude are here)

Because I know what it’s like not to feel accepted. I know what it’s like to feel ‘not good enough’ for those big dreams you have. I remember what it’s like to get triggered easily by mean people and crying about it at home, or snapping at them and going nuts! I used to have so many issues that put hard edges on my personality to protect myself. And it drained the life out of me.

The healing work I have done not only rewired my thinking – it released the trapped energy from my body. Look at it this way – is there anything that gives you have fear or anxiety just by thinking of it?

Ok, so you know how when you think about this big scary thing you feel a heaviness in your chest, or a tightness in your throat, or maybe even a sick feeling in your belly? Exactly! This is trapped energy. These are the feelings I help you release!

Imagine when that feeling isn’t there. Can you picture what would be instead? Imagine the sick, anxious feeling is gone – instead you feel easy, breazy, flowy, strong, confident and super freaking clear! When you first start tapping and breathing and doing these processes, it feels like magic! But things also come up because your issues and pain from the past are all tangled up together. But this is a gift! And this is why I no longer do single sessions.

KaithailandDeanI only work with clients who are ready to go on this journey and do the work. Not only because my time is valuable, but because it is powerful. It is profound and very special to me. It does take time, effort and energy. If you put in so-so effort, you will get some results. But that’s not enough… I’m interested in life changing, World shaking, chills-running-down-your-body results! And to get that, you need to be fully committed.

To change something you have to change yourself first. In a relatively short period of time, I help my clients shift their entire attitude – and this is such a big deal! When you change your beliefs, you sub-consciously change your behavior and in Law of Attraction speak, you raise your vibration and see MASSIVE SHIFTS in The World around you. But you must first be willing to make the changes.

I’m not asking you to do anything I haven’t done myself. The hours I’ve spent tapping have been the best hours of my life. Because they changed me on a cellular level (and yes I mean literally!) I have seen countless clients come in who don’t truly believe in themselves, so we find out why. As we heal the why and create a whole new sense of self-worth, their life is never the same again. And this is my favorite thing in The World.

This is why my mission in life is to help wonderful people, especially women to realize their own true power. To learn how to overcome negative thinking and traumatic experiences and get their life force back! (crying happy tears again hahaha) 🙂

Kai weddingI actually feel real fortunate. I feel as though everything in my life has been leading me to something great. To being great. To being part of the spiritual revolution that connects people with their inner selves – the part of you that loves ALL of you, even the pain. Because that is the goal. To truly love yourself no matter what. And this has been my personal journey.

You see, I had a very sad childhood. I was very lonely. I was teased everyday. I was made to feel less than nothing. I was made to feel stupid because I hated school and everyone in it. My early childhood especially was hard and that is where I suffered the majority of the abuse that I have had to do the majority of healing on. So this lead me to hating myself. I loathed myself. I didn’t respect myself. In fact, I had a hard time grasping what respect actually was. I used to hear thoughts in my head like “I hate myself”, “Nobody cares about me”” and other defeating sentiments.

When I began tapping, it was in a teacher training where we learned by healing ourselves. I am so blessed because we tapped for HOURS everyday. Hours! I released and healed so much in that short period of time. I cried a lot and I learned for the first time how to feel actual love for myself. It was epic. And I remember that first time when a positive thought popped into my head that said, “I love myself!” I was just walking along and it came up out of nowhere… For the first time ever! It felt surprising, but oh so good! Ever since then, I feel love for myself every day. When I am in pain, I now know how to send the painful feelings compassion so they release.

It has been my mission in life to learn how to love myself and share this wisdom with others. And I’m doing a fantastic job at that. It’s what I am most talented in. In helping you to see your own inner greatness. To feel it, love it and to use it as powerful inspiration, motivation and super charged jet fuel to take action on and reach your dreams! wooo hoooooo!!!!

My Financial Crisis & How It Made Me A Better Person: Why Me & My Future Self Is Grateful For Ruining My Own Life.

Written: December 1st 2015

I had the pleasure (or as many would say – the misfortune!) of losing everything recently.

The reason I say pleasure is because it helped me radically change my life! You see, things were actually going really well for a long time. Except I had not been financially responsible for years.

So much so I spent around EIGHTY thousand US dollars I had earned in a very short period of time – in months! As it kept coming in, I kept spending. It was fun. (that’s not including the thousands and thousands I had spent for years before previously – this was just the most I’d made in that period of time!)

But that isn’t the part where it fell apart.

Read on for more about my life crisis, how I got through it and what I learned! ___ ___ This is back in 2012. I went to continue my travels and only had $20,000 to take with me – but I didn’t value myself or believe in myself very much. I thought all I had going for me was my looks and sexuality.

But I had such a deep need to help people heal and be their best – I felt it in every cell of my body! But I doubted anyone else would ever see that. So I continued to spend my money through Hawaii and Europe. This is where I did my Advanced level in EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique – something I have always had a great gift in.

Things began to shift a little and I moved to Bali. I began holding workshops that helped people and really made a difference – but still, I was scared and didn’t trust people to believe in me. I felt the fear and did it anyway. I held my first retreat – and nobody came! So months later, I held my second retreat and 1 person came… Yay progress!

Not long after I found this amazing beach on Thailand and let loose. I had been helping people as I went around Thailand and again helping to change their lives within just a session or 3. But I still doubted myself.

Almost to the part where my life REALLY fell apart.

In Thailand I met this amazing man in paradise. He was English and there for a holiday. It was love at first site and the most intensely passionate love affair you could imagine! From the moment we met we didn’t separate. Our first date lasted 9 days until he had to get on the plane and go home to The UK.

3 months later I came to England, a big part was to see him – and we still felt the same! So we got married 6 months later and long story short we live in England (which part of me was VERY UNHAPPY about) I felt allergic to the cold. I hated it with a vengeance and my ‘not feeling good enough’ program came out strong because even though I was happy in love I was unhappy with where I lived and everything that came with it.

This is the part where it begins to fall apart My husband and I got involved in this soul sucking venture. This scheme that didn’t resonate with us, but we felt out of options living in the country near his parents (his father was sick and dying so we had to stay close). We were both financially irresponsible and didn’t think of the future much…

But we had begun to. it turned out that we were totally inept at being responsible. We wasted so much money and got into debt. It was crazy! I hadn’t really been in debt before – but I discovered that my husband had been plenty. Oops! I was not prepared to stay in England any longer – not where we were in the west country especially!

So we followed an opportunity and moved to Spain. FINALLY! I WAS HAPPY AGAIN! I began helping people again. I was getting feedback everyday for how I was helping people change their lives and love themselves and create amazing opportunities! So I felt fulfilled and like my life was on track!

Here is where my life fell apart

We had put a lot of our money into a lease we got for 6 months. We left England and drove to Spain and that cost a pretty penny to get the car ready and buy the ferry too. It was only once we were there I realized my UK spouse visa was the only European country that did not allow me to stay indefinitely and work legally!


Then it turned out we needed 8000 Euros in savings because I was self-employed. I was making OK money but I was building my business all over again – I didn’t have enough time to make that money with the resources I had! We held out hope desperately to the end.

About a week before my visa was up we had to leave. We had to get a few things done with the car, we lost money in the house and we drove back through France to England. Here is a great lesson though – even though it wasn’t what I wanted. It FELT STRONG.

When I thought of the options of me going back to UK and my husband Dean staying there while I fought for my visa, it made me feel weak and confused. So I went with the strong option Guess what?! It turned out for the best! Really! I had a feeling from the strength I felt. Look at first it was hard.

We had enough either for a months rent or to eat! It was so embarrassing for me! If you remember at the start of my story here I was spending thousands of dollars each week! I thought it would always last – but I was making that in the party industry in San Francisco – and wasn’t something I wanted to be part of anymore… I was always good at earning money but hanging onto it was hard in the past.

We chose to get the apartment, through a friend of a friend – such great timing! Not only that but it is right next to the beach and the park – I absolute love it here! Even though I still hate the weather I have been forcing myself to change my mindset around it.

When we first got back we were so broke we had to go to salvation army for food and we didn’t even have a fridge! Did I mention how embarrassed I was? OMG! But wow – what a humbling experience. I was grateful and still am to have running water. Now I am humbled and don’t think I am just owed everything. Now I have dedicated myself to understanding money and value. Something I never really thought of before.

I just traipsed around The World relying on my looks and my charm for the most part. But NOW I understand cause and effect. NOW we get to build our life on a solid foundation. In the past I would take off and travel. I have been a healer for 5 years but a rolling stone gathers no moss and I just kept traveling and would lose touch with clients whose lives I had changed.

But NOW I get to help people in a deeper way. I get to build wealth and create a fortune. I had to face my money blocks and now I totally get it! woohooo! So this is quite a private story I am sharing with you. But it is my truth and why I had to back away from helping people for a while – until I reinvented my money mindset and realized my self-worth.

Thank you for reading all this way and thank you for understanding. I would love to share with you the valuable blessing there always is in a crisis. Fortunately I knew this the whole way through – Every crisis or difficult time I have been through always has been amazing lesson and helped me become a better, stronger, wiser person. Because rather than getting jaded from it… I learned, I kept healing and I loved myself more!

Now I have dedicated my life to helping people not only love themselves but to reprogram their money mindset and understand the value of money in their lives. The whole way through I kept telling myself it was just a moment, that we would figure this out. Now we have!

Not only am I serving people in a massive way physically shifting the way they feel about themselves, but my husband has a great sales job making really great money too… We did it! It is a long journey and an obstacle course and you always have another chance. Always.

Learning How To Accept Myself As Good Enough

My super personal stuff!

Written August 2015

kai beachI am certainly not the typical role model. The college educated, good job, never done a thing wrong type a person. And bless these people for their blessed lives – I am genuinely happy for them. But no, my life has been a bit more twisted and a lot more interesting! My journey has been one of extremes.

I used to have a lot of emotional baggage growing up. I have had a lot of experience healing myself. I’ve been sexually, physically and mentally abused and in my earlier days and I was dysfunctional, hurtful and a real mean bitch! Most people find that hard to believe when they meet me now… But that was back before I had the epiphany when I was 22 and began my healing journey.

So I’ve hurt and I have been hurt. I have asked for forgiveness and I have forgiven. I have had deep guilt and resentment to heal. I’ve had no boundaries or self-worth and let people and especially partners walk all over me and now I have strong boundaries and command respect. I’ve been a liar and suffered the consequences and now live in radical honesty and never make stories up to paint a better picture.

I’ve lived the 5 star life and lost all my money too through careless spending and at the tail end some bad investments. That sucked and it was traumatic. I certainly learned some hard lessons I will never forget. This is when I began to work on my own money blocks!

I’ve been a connected healer but was also an epic party girl who thrived in The San Francisco nightlife (and The Gold Coast, Australia in my late teens/early twenties too). I’ve been in monogamous relationships, open relationships and casual relationships.

I met my now husband on a beach in Thailand in Paradise and we fell in love at first sight. I wasn’t even looking for a relationship – at that time all I wanted to do was dance all day at the amazing Thai island parties. But we fell in love and are together today!

I’ve been scared to shine and be seen for fear of being hurt and I’ve ran workshops and webinars too. I’ve been irresponsible and reckless in the past but have grown to learn how to make good decisions that support myself and future. I’ve been reckless with money and suffered the pain from losing a small fortune and have been building myself back up with all the wonderful lessons I learned along the way.

And writing this, I’m not holding much back because I want you to know me. For those who I was born to help, I believe this is how you’ll find me. My entire life is dedicated to finding, helping and empowering my tribe. To empowering you and those dearest to you. Because we are all in this together! We all live human lives which get messy. Human’s have had trauma passed down through the generations for centuries – but it stops here. It stops with us! This is the golden ticket life time! Where we get to heal and make a whole new history on a whole new World. I really see it this way.

My now husband when we very first met! - Our first ever picture together xo

My now husband when we very first met! – Our first ever picture together xo

The clearer we are, the more healing work we do, the more power we have to help others. But until then it’s like running on empty. Until you release the old thinking and allow yourself to FEEL and BE the powerful star you truly are, you will continue to shrink away, sabotage your success and say no to money.

This is what I did on my journey, so I know first hand how to overcome personal demons. And this is why I am so passionate about helping you reach your own personal passions. Because when you heal yourself, you will heal The World. And then it will be a lot more fun for all of us!

How My Stereotypes Of What It Meant To Be Spiritual Held Me Back & Scared The Bajeebus Out Of Me

I remember…

When I used to think I wasn’t ‘spiritual enough’ to be spiritual. That I needed to be more ‘normal’ to help people. I used to be scared people wouldn’t give me a chance. Not only that but I was scared of being the airy fairy spiritual type person no ones takes seriously.

It is a vague memory now. I was at odds with the different sides of my personality. I was spiritual, I was a party girl, I was kind, I was silly, I was an adrenaline junky, I was lazy, I was so many different things. But guess what I realized! There is no one  mold for being spiritual and feeling whole.

You aren’t going to change so drastically you won’t recognize yourself! I celebrate all sides of my personality. Sure, I don’t party like I used to in any way shape or form because I am balanced now. But that side of me is still there, I love dressing up and I love the night life almost as much as I love being in nature, swimming in rivers and playing in the mud!

If you have felt your just ‘not enough’ for some reason, this journey will help you feel worthy of all of your dreams, just like it has for me! You will not lose yourself in this work. Rather you will gain love, confidence, balance and learn how to set boundaries, make good decisions and live life to the fullest!

I say this for you, because this has been my journey. And sharing it is so much fun! I absolutely love seeing people blossom and allow more money, more goodness and more happiness into their lives!

But I couldn’t do that until I came to terms with the fact I’m not a traditional spiritual type person – and that’s OK! But I hid for so long. But now I know my tribe, my friends and my Divine clients will love me for me 🙂 So here are some of the different sides of my personality:

It's Safe To Shine Your Light & Be You!

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